Are Orbs Spirits?

February 28, 2021 8 Comments

Are Orbs Spirits?

Frequently I am asked about orbs.  It’s a subject of great debate among people.  Many view it as spiritual visitors.  Others believe it to be dust particles reflecting light.

Have you ever taken a picture or shot a video and when you go back to look at it, there is a ball of light or several balls of light?  Sometimes it may appear as a person.  These balls of light can come in many different colors.

So what is an orb?  Why are these balls of energy in your pictures?

This is what I believe them to be from doing spiritual communication for many years.

An orb is a transparent ball of light energy that is connected to spirits. Orbs can be spotted in photos or videos.  They even show up on security cameras!  Of course it’s fascinating and people are always looking for a conclusive explanation of what these balls of light are.

First off it’s nothing that can harm you.  These energy balls can be departed loved ones, angels, guides, or even pets.  They come in a form that’s easy for them and extremely easy for you to seed.  They want you to know that they are with you.  That’s why these orbs of light can appear in your pictures.

Orbs  balls of Light

The spirit world is always active and with our world in such chaos all spiritual beings are doing their best to let you know that you are not alone in this world.  They are basically saying “We’re Here.  We have not left you.”

A spirit being cannot be here in physical form, so they appear in the easiest way for you to see them and understand they are not harmful.  So many people want proof that their loved one is coming through in these orbs of lights or through the orbs in pictures.

If this is happening to you look closely at the picture and close your eyes and ask the divine beings to show you and some manner that is comfortable for you who is visiting you.

See what connection you can feel, sense, or even smell.  You may hear a loved one softly whisper a few words to you.  A departed pet may be Purring or softly barking.  Learn to trust this and your instincts and know that you are being granted a visit by a spirit that loves you dearly.

People who work professionally in the spirit realm can often tell you who it is that is visiting you.  If you are having confusion about whom it is.  They can give great comfort to your soul to seek out someone like myself who is a spiritual advisor.

After 30 years of working as a spiritual medium I find that when I look at these pictures with orbs, I always get a feeling of peace.  I know that these gentle spirits are trying to let us know they are with us.  It takes so much to convince some people that the spirit world is real.  Having seen and communicated with those in the spirit world I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is all very real.

Are orbs evidence of ghosts?

Yes, it can be. Some ghost researchers believe the orbs are spirits of the dead. They often show up in areas of high magnetic energy activity, also known as "haunting phenomena".

The MESA Project describes them this way:

"Floating globes, or orbs of light, also known as “ghost lights,” have been recorded on 35mm, Polaroid, Kodak infrared, and black and white Tri-X film (Radin & Roll, 1994; Roll, Moody, & Radin, 1996; Roll & Nichols, 1999, 2000).  Both professional and amateur photographers and investigators, at some sites, have also recorded other anomalous images."

I have never found any negative energy coming at me from balls of light.  Yes, I do believe it can be from a spirit you do not know, but it doesn’t mean that it’s something evil or negative.  I see these balls of light as positive visits from loving spirits who want us to know they are with this and we are not alone.

Keep yourself protected in God’s White Light and you never have to worry about ghosts causing you problems.

Remember we are composed of energy and we inhabit a body.  When the time comes for us to pass, we will let go of our physical body and return to pure energy.  That’s the same thing as the orbs.

If you start seeing orbs more in your pictures just know that you are making a connection to your loved ones.

If you feel you need a professional opinion, make an appointment with a person who deals with the spirit world.  Sometimes we need to get advice from a doctor or dentist, a spiritual advisor is a profession as well.  It is difficult to understand what many of these things are better occurring and that is the purpose of finding someone you can trust to tell you.

Your loved ones, angels and guides want you to know that they care about you and are sending you lots of love.  Simply be open to the signs.

Contact Me for personal Help.

8 Responses

Lollie Wong
Lollie Wong

June 15, 2023

Today is June15, 2023. I have seen orbs in some photographs that amazed me as to what it was in my photograph. Today, I was sitting on my couch in our Family Room and we have a dark chocolate accent wall where we have a large tv on the wall. On the left hand side of the TV, we have a tall speaker for our sound system with a nice 3 foot vase on the top of it with branches coming out of the top towards and almost touching the ceiling. There has NEVER been any light design or anything showing up on that wall from the outside. As I was sitting there, I noticed two white orbs there kind of dancing up and down and to the right and then the left. They did this for almost a full minute and then disappeared. When I was looking at this, I felt a great, comforting peace come over me and a big smile came to my face. With a heavy heart, I say this to you that I lost my wonderful and amazing husband from the earth on Jan 30th of this year. When he was still here, we lost our beloved Boxer Dog named Baron and he was truly our son ~ just as much as any human child out there. In about 30-45 seconds after the orbs disappeared, they came back and again doing the same movements on the wall. This lasted for about 15 seconds and then they were gone and did not show up again. Before their second appearance ~ I asked Gareth if that was him along with Baron our son. Of course, I truly feel that it was and I had such a HAPPY FEELING and told them both how very much I loved them and missed them. It was an amazing experience.

Jeffrey keown
Jeffrey keown

January 08, 2023

I have seen small orbs of light every night that I camp on top of Johns mountain in ga. They stay up close to the top of the trees and float around. Some are blinking and some not. I was just very curious to what it is.


October 11, 2022

I have a pet care service and have had it for over 30 years. I e heard and seen spirits in houses that were not friendly.
However recently, I’m photographing spirit orbs w/my iPhone. They have come to me in pairs and in 3’s.
What I didn’t realize is that when I accidentally put the volume up they leave voices.
On one occasion, I can hear a Lion right next to me making loud rumbling sounds and then I it roars. It did it over a period of 2 separate videos of orbs flying in groups.
Did you know that this is possible. That there are voices/sounds that accompany spirit orbs movement.
I don’t feel afraid or nervous just very interested to know if anyone else has experienced this.???
I use my iPhone XR now exclusively on video to capture both the movement of orbs and the voice or animal sounds that I just heard 2 days ago.

Susan ortiz
Susan ortiz

April 27, 2022

I bought a house in SC and it was built in 1923. I put up cameras up. In the kitchen and in the living room. I see orbs all over. Many of them mostly flat round ones . I seen one like a feather scooting across my living room floor. Some orbs fly in pairs. This house used to be housing for the mill workers back in the old days. So I was told. .they have done nothing to us. I go into a room during the day and I get chills from head to foot. Orbs are out between 3-5am.

Warren Severance
Warren Severance

March 05, 2022

I have witnessed, an orb has did my oldest son. My encounter was one day while visiting my son’s, home. I walked out an old log road within 1000 yards from his home, I saw the orb. It was in the form of a bright white light. I immediately took my glasses off to eliminate the chance it being a reflection off my glasses. and It was still there about, there, so I watched it for a few seconds. It was about 3 to 4 feet off the ground when it started to move directly away from me. I watched as it disappeared and reappeared as it passed behind other trees past other trees located in the woods.

My son’s encounter was about two miles from the my encounter but further up in the woods while he was deer hunting. He spotted a bright white light we approaching from his riight. When it sensed his present shot it up the mountain behind him.

ida marie thomas
ida marie thomas

March 02, 2021

thank you Billie
I have witnessed orbs all my life but was unsure if they were the good guys, even though I’ve never felt any negativity from them. I remember Sananada came to me when I was very young, at first he was an orb then I could see his form as Jesus. What a great memory that is for me. Blessings to you.


March 02, 2021

I’ve seen orbs my whole life and ghosts..they talk to me

maryann hall
maryann hall

March 02, 2021

I have seen a tiny ball of light floating up and down. It came in under a window, floating around the room. Was this an orb.

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