Changing the Energies in Your Home This Season

November 12, 2017

Changing the Energies in Your Home This Season

As the temperature is changing we tend to stay indoors more than normal.  It can be a good time to reconnect with your loved ones.  For some this can be a blessing and for others it can be a curse.  A lot has to do with the energies in your home and around people.

To those of you who have worked with me you know that I’m always talking about protecting yourself spiritually with God’s White Light.  This is needed more than ever during the cold winter months.  It sounds strange to many that you can have energies, which you did not invite in, in and around your home.  Yet, it is very real.

This is why I focus on spiritual protection.  Those of you who have practiced working with God’s White Light have seen differences in your life and of those that you love.

I am always referring to lighting candles for prayers, ceremonies, and to honor those that you love who have passed on.  Candles have an amazing ability to change the atmosphere and the energies around your home.

Negative energies enjoy the darkness and every time you bring in the Light of God and light candles these energies want to leave.

Recently I discovered a company Country Scents that makes all natural products.  There’s nothing to disturb people with allergies or asthma.

Using these heavenly fragrances will keep your spirits lifted and bless all that come in contact with them.  It’s the perfect time to change the spiritual environment in your home.  Not only does light drive out negative energies, but also beautiful fragrances invite in the angels.

There will be no winter blues when you keep your home filled with these lovely candles!

Even before all the holidays began, you can get your home in the holiday spirit with the perfect scented candle, aromatherapy, aroma beads, and diffusers.  Rooms have a special holiday glow and always look beautiful when filled with lit candles.

These candles are so affordable and if you have a tight budget this holiday season you can easily make your own gifts by using large clear glass ornaments and scooping out the wax into smaller containers and filling the ornaments with candles, candies, and aroma beads.  The possibilities are endless.

Remember clearing the energy in your office or work place is just as important as in your home.  Using wax warmers and diffusers in your workplace can bring about a feeling of comfort and happiness for everyone who comes in contact with them.  Many people feel overwhelmed during the holidays and are trying to cram all of their work into shorter weeks.  So breathing in these relaxing fragrances can bring down the stress level.

I really believe that you can have the best holiday of your life through a concerted effort of changing the environment in your home and in intern removing negative energies.

For customized help contact me today and I will help you clear your home and person of any negative energies.

May your home be blessed,
Cherokee Billie


This program will be recorded and available to listen to at a later date if you cannot make the live conference.  These are always filled with information, education, spirituality, and some wonderful specials as well.

Talk with you there,
Cherokee Billie

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