Channeled message from Michael Jackson on Lisa Marie Presley

January 21, 2023

Channeled message from Michael Jackson on Lisa Marie Presley

Every so often I receive a message from Michael Jackson.  I keep them to myself as I feel most of them are quite personal and intended only for me. In all the times that I have channeled Michael Jackson and I hear him speak to me it is basically  like is dictating the messages to me.  They come in bits and pieces.  I put them together so that you can understand them.

If you're not familiar with channeled messages on average they come in very short as it takes a great deal of energy for the channeled and the channeler.

With everything in the news about the death of Lisa Marie Presley I thought that I would find out what Michael Jackson had to say.

Here is the message from Michael for the world.

"I am saddened for Lisa Marie's family.  She was such a powerful young lady and I know her children are going to miss her a great deal.

I have connected with Elvis since I've been here in spirit and he's a kind and loving spirit.  Lisa and Elvis stay together at this time. 

Lisa Marie and I have connected here in spirit.  Things are much calmer for both of us and we're happy to interact once again.  I truly loved this lady and still do.  Lisa is one of the most fascinating people I've ever met. 

All of our differences have vanished.  Now we see each other as we truly are.  All of her challenges no longer plague her.  She is a beautiful spirit and surrounded by so many loved ones.

I consider myself fortunate to have had this lovely lady in my life and now in spirit."

After a while I felt Michael moving away from me and smiling as he vanished.  What a beautiful spirit he has.

As always I thank you Michael for visiting me and sharing your thoughts.

Sending love and light to you and your loved ones always,
Cherokee Billie

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