Do You Really Believe In What You Believe In Spiritually?

June 23, 2019 4 Comments

Do You Really Believe In What You Believe In Spiritually?

This may sound like a strange question, but I posted a question on my Facebook Fan Page the other day that left me amazed at people’s answers.

The Question Was As Follows:

Inside a haunted building, a spirit Appears. “You can ask me ONE Question about what happens When you die”
What do you ask?
Would you?

Below is a sample of some of the answers posted.

  • “Are you reunited with your dog?
  • I am tempted to ask if I will see family and pets when I cross over, but if the answer is 'no', that will make the cycle of life and death even more unbearable. Actually, almost any question asked to the spirit, if answered in a way we don't want or expect, will make things unbearable. Therefore, I abstain from all questions.
  • Will I be missed?
  • Where am I going after this life ends?
  • Will I see my favorite loved ones?
  • Will I remember my life on Earth?
  • Will I Be Healthy~ Free from Pain?
  • Are we happy and do we stay in the "next world" for eternity?”

What astounded me about these answers was it does not seem that people have complete faith in life after death.  Also whatever spiritual or religious teaching they were brought up with has left them with unanswered questions.

So many spiritual teachers, besides me, have answered these questions for centuries.  Either people are unaware of the answers or else they just don’t fully believe in what they have heard, felt or read.

I have done countless articles, blog posts, and videos answering these questions about life after death.  First off How I know what I know comes from faith that there is life after death. 

Secondly it had to do with my father’s death.  He appeared screaming in my ear less than 24 hours after he died and he continued to physically manifest over the next week.  After seeing and hearing his spirit there’s no way not to believe in life after death. Read After Life.

My father never expressed what he felt about God or spirituality.  One time I asked him what he believed in and he said, “It’s My Belief.” Obviously he had far more of a connection to spirit than I ever knew.  Being American Indian he was not a man who talked a great deal and he lived his life according to what he believed.  He was always helpful and compassionate with others.  He could be tough and strong, but he also knew when to help.

Thirdly I have astral projected into spirit countless times and seeing what life is over there for humans and animals.  I understand far more than I ever thought I would.  Nothing can teach me more profoundly then seeing it firsthand.  It is absolutely beautiful and peaceful.  Everyone is happy and there is no sadness on that high level in Spirit.  Everyone is filled with the Divine Love and that erases anything negative.  Learn About Life in Spirit

It is not the same on the lower levels in spirit because that is where people are still working out their belief.  They are being taken care of and taught by the angels and many advance up into a higher realms.  We are always given more than one opportunity to experienced total Nirvana.

We do not escape from ourselves when we leave our bodies; neither do we gain all knowledge immediately. Death is viewed as the birth of the soul. Ties and affections are the same, as are the moral and intellectual status of the individual. Changing the texture of the body does not mean that one immediately becomes all wise. Even though the surroundings are better, there is no sudden perfection.

As we are in the spirit body, we continue to develop special talents and interests and to grow and progress in our development. Free will is never overridden, just as on earth. All experiences of love, compassion, and kindness are the basis of life in the spirit world. The longer you are on the spiritual plane, the happier you become. The longer that you live on earth, the less you have to learn of it in the spirit world, and can therefore pass on to higher studies. It is easier to do your work on earth and have time to cast aside errors and vices.

Working off karmic debt while you are alive is essential to what you will experience once you pass into spirit.  My goal is to get rid of any karmic baggage from this life so that I am free in spirit.

The bottom line is we all go into the spirit world, where you go is determined by your thoughts and actions in this life.  It always amazes me when people ask me where their loved one is.  My thought is – “Were they a mass murderer?”  “Why are you asking me where they are?”  I find at these critical moments people are not trusting in God and not demonstrating their faith.  Most spirits that I encounter are on a higher level.

Again even if somebody did not lead a very good life on this planet they are given an opportunity to move up in the spirit world.  It’s important to remember that.

Whatever you believe in spiritually - trust it!  Go within and quiet your spirit.  God cannot speak to somebody who is constantly talking within themselves.  There’s a verse in The Bible that states, “Be still and know that I am God.” If your mind is constantly active and not quiet you will not be able to receive messages from God, the angels, your guides, and ancestors.  In other words be quiet and listen.

Exercise your spiritual muscles and increase your spirituality.

For further help Contact Me and let me help you connect to Spirit.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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Jeraldine  Lattimore
Jeraldine Lattimore

June 30, 2019

I almost crying es when I read the message..It’s true..I’m always talking within my self. I most learn to be still and know He is God..Thank u so much.. CHEROKEE BILLIE🧡😘💛


June 26, 2019

I know I am on the path I chose. I know I am here to learn, struggle and over come. I am here to serve. I was never ment to have a lot (physically) and that is OK. I believe I am the victim, and the perpetrator, the sick, and the healer all in different lives, different roles chosen for me (and by me, with my elders/guides) for the evolution of my soul. I know I am were I am supposed to be, with whom I am supposed to be with, at the time I am meant to be. How do I “know” this is right? The same way I “know” what is wrong. I “feel” it. I listen.

Susan McDermott
Susan McDermott

June 26, 2019

I always think of my higher power and how blessed this world is to have people like you in it to help us to remember “Be Still and Know that I Am God!


June 26, 2019

Loved reading this article , so much to learn. Thank you Cherokee 🙏🏻💝💝

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