Full Moon June 4, 2023

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Full Moon June 4, 2023

Hey, fellow stargazers! Are you ready for some cosmic action? The Strawberry Moon is coming in hot, and it's time to light up the night sky. This fiery Full Moon in Sagittarius is all about taking charge and speaking your truth. Are you ready to claim your power and let your inner voice be heard? It's time to stand strong and let your light shine bright. Don't be afraid to take risks and embrace the unknown. This Strawberry Moon is here to guide you towards your true purpose and fill you with a sense of adventure. So grab your favorite people, some good vibes, and let's howl at the moon!

This time of year, cosmic energy is upon us due to planetary alignments with June's full moon. For example, the full moon dances beautifully with Mars, which will invigorate us with courage and energy to conquest whatever we desire.

In contrast, the full moon "will clash" with Saturn. We may experience hurdles pop up before us, which may bring a sense of loneliness, guilt or sadness, especially around past actions.

Jupiter, "the planetary ruler of this lunation," will clash with Venus and Mars, it will also smile upon Saturn. Therefore, any plans initiated now that focus on long-term growth with a hint of cautious expansion could lead us to success.

We become more fully aware of what has been lacking or missing in our lives, particularly related to learning, adventure, spirited living, communicating, sharing, and commuting.

Neglecting either end of the axis will surely backfire on us. Ideally, a balance should be found between the two energies, and this is what the Full Moon invites us to do.

This Full Moon is about communication, attitude, and sense of adventure. Something has been building inside of us, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos fairly demands that we let it out. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for us. For now, we can’t sit on our feelings–we need to express them.

The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is a mental axis, where Gemini represents the “lower mind” and Sagittarius represents the “higher mind.” The Gemini Sun encourages us to think logically, while the Sagittarius Moon persuades us to intuit and to think in a broader manner. Sagittarius symbolizes the quest for meaning and ideas that expand upon the “here and now.” Gemini is quite comfortable in its immediate environment or neighborhood, while Sagittarius stimulates us to venture beyond it.

Archangel Raphael will be working with us and helping us to slow down and breathe. He knows that our lives have been hectic and demanding. Emotions have been raging and he is here to help us heal and be born again into a New World. 

Now more than ever its time to stay in the present moment.  Manifest within your heart and soul the spirit of Love and Light and send it out to the world that is filled with great darkness.

Even the tiniest candle can light the darkest room.  Our job on this planet is to be a part of this light movement and send out our little beam of light as much as possible.

Archangel Raphael will lend you his patience, his understanding and his grounding to help you along. His name means “he who heals or God heals” and he can teach you these traits while gently guiding you. Ask Archangel Raphael to come to you on this Full Moon and teach you the ways of breath, focus and serenity.

Allow yourself to let go of any frustrations and don’t allow them to hold onto you. Be like water and allow yourself to flow through your day. Feel the cool of the water and the gentleness that it carries.  Ask Archangel Raphael to be there with you during these moments, watching over the situation and whispering in your ear actions to consider taking. Breathe through the situations that test your patience, and feel, or sense, the steps that you must take. Practice this on a daily basis and it will become second nature in no time.

Prayer/Mantra:  Archangel Raphael, God’s healer. Be with me always and teach me your patience and understanding. Lend me your strength of calm and guide me with your wisdom. Thank you for all that you are doing for me and those I love!  Amen.

June’s Full Strawberry Moon got its name because the Algonquin tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit. It was often known as the Full Rose Moon in Europe and the Honey Moon

Ever wonder why June has so many weddings?  Because the June full Moon has a yellow color like honey.  Therefore the term honeymoon was created.  It's not a coincidence in how this works in the lunar timeline.

Honey refers to the new marriage’s sweetness. Moon refers to how long that sweetness might probably last or from the changing aspect of the moon—from full to waning.

This full moon is used as a signal that fruit—particularly strawberries—are ready to be picked.  It's time for you to pick your intentions.

Create a Burning Bowl Ceremony for this Full Moon.

Clean Out Your Life - Start With:

  • Cleansing Your Spirit
  • Clean out closets and drawers
  • Clean off the clutter around your sleeping area
  • Clean out old papers and receipts

You can take your time and do this cleaning over the next few weeks. It will benefit you enormously on your spiritual path.  Clutter tends to attract negative energy.  That's why cleaning out your home or office is important as it frees up the energy and lets the light in.

I feel that all full moons are a special time for us to connect to the Great Spirit as well as the moon.

I offer a special Full Moon Reading that is unlike any spiritual or psychic reading you have ever received.  To learn more Click Here.

Many Blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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Tina K
Tina K

June 01, 2023

Thank you so much for your bright light and inspiration you envelope me in every time I receive your emails. You are truly a gift everybody needs in their life. So I personally thank you!


May 31, 2023

Thank you ,I’ve recently found you & have been following you !Much appreciate your guidance 🙏🏻

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