Healing Benefits of Grounding and Earthing

April 05, 2022 2 Comments

Healing Benefits of Grounding and Earthing

In my many years as a spiritual advisor I have people come to me with all types of problems ranging from relationship problems to losing someone through death.  I have been advising my clients to stop and take time to go outside, take off their shoes and socks and put their feet into good old Mother Earth.  Even if it’s only 15 minutes a day my clients start to notice a tremendous difference in how they feel.  It's always gratifying to hear back from a client that they really noticed a difference in their life by getting into nature. 

Mother Earth contains so many healing benefits for us.  Most of us spend each day locked inside of a building be it at work or home and then in a car.  It’s not often that we take the time to go out into nature, even if it’s just taking a break at lunch and going to a local park, to look around at all the beauty and the energy that the Great Creator has provided for us.  Think about it when was the last time you let yourself enjoy the benefits of being outdoors.  We rarely touch the earth, the grass or even a tree.

The earth is similar to a battery as it contains natural energy, electrons, which can charge our bodies when we put our feet into the ground.  Of course when it’s freezing weather you cannot put your feet into the ground without experiencing frostbite.  That’s just common sense.

 Scientists are discovering that this lack of grounding/earthing is having a huge impact on our health. Overwhelming research is mounting that shows the impressive benefits the earth’s electromagnetic surface has on the human body, especially through a barefoot grounding connection with the earth.

You may not be able to see it, but your body is a highly conductive electrical machine.  Yes, you are human and a spirit, but the body is a machine.  It needs maintenance to keep performing at optimum levels.  Not understanding this can cause severe mental and physical health problems.

When you are grounded, you feel:

  • Centered
  • Solid
  • Strong
  • Balanced
  • Less tense
  • Less stressed
  • Peaceful

Your body is electrical.  Everything within you operates within an electrical system designed by the Great Creator. 

With the exception of humans living in industrialized societies, all living things on our planet are connected to the ground’s electric energy. In industrialized modern societies, you rarely go barefoot outside or wear natural leather shoes that allow you to absorb the ground’s energy. For many decades, people have increasingly been wearing rubber and plastic-soled shoes that act as a barrier to the Earth’s energy, insulating them from electrical contact with the Earth. People also generally don’t sleep on the ground anymore, as many cultures have done throughout history.  Is it any wonder that modern people feel so much better when they go outdoors and sleep campaign on the ground?  Today’s world people live and work above the ground, even far above the ground in high-rises. 

We are surrounded by technology – WiFi devices, microwaves and cell phones – that cause electrical imbalance in our core systems.  We are flooding our bodies with contaminates while simultaneously isolating ourselves from one of the biggest health benefits available:  Earth.

The truth is, you are disconnected. You are ungrounded. You are not in touch with Mother Earth. Could this disconnection be an overlooked factor in the increase of stress and illnesses?  You bet it is! 

I am not suggesting that you go live outside, but you need to start realizing that our modern world goes against nature and the natural design of The Creator.  When you wake up and start to realize this you are going to want to get this connection going again.  This is part of the spiritual journey.

When you realize you have lost your electric roots you will be surprised.  Our world is all about the latest technology whereas it is creating more and more health problems.  When you go back to Mother Earth you will find improvements in inflammation, stress levels, heart problems and many other chronic illnesses.  I am not saying that everything can be healed, but you will find tremendous changes in your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

For many people, however, there isn’t time in their busy days to go out barefoot. So, there are also indoor options.  Believe it or not they are now grounding products.  So if you feel you need more of the Earthing affect you can now invest in grounding products—which can be used while sleeping, relaxing, or working.  Grounding products are becoming more popular and can be found on Amazon.com.  The following items can be found as grounded or conductive:

  • Chairs
  • Bed pads
  • Floor and chair mats
  • Earthing Sheets
  • Body bands
  • Patches to place on your body where it hurts

These products can effectively deliver the free electrons from the earth right to you (just like standing on the earth with bare feet), and all you need to do is touch them with any part of your body.

Personally I believe going out into nature is still the best medicine!  It is good that there are alternative methods for our busy lifestyle.

Whatever route you take, get grounded and connect back to Mother Earth and feel vibrant once again.

How about learning more about grounding yourself?  Contact me for a private session and I will take you through various ways you can keep yourself grounded and balanced. Learn more about my services and products.  

Call me today! I look forward to getting to know you.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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April 10, 2022

Thanks for this article Cherokee Billie. I love the warm weather when I can go out and sit under a tree. I can feel the difference. I’ve heard about standing in the soil barefoot. Many benefits. I have yet to do it. I will

Kathi Sottosanti
Kathi Sottosanti

May 18, 2020

I am starting this practice today. I do hug trees (I’m a tree hugger!) for energy but I am going to do this for 15 min a day in the afternoon to reground myself! Thank you.

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