How Animal Reiki Energy Healing Will Benefit Your Pet

May 18, 2024 1 Comment

How Animal Reiki Energy Healing Will Benefit Your Pet

Are you aware that animals have a supercharged ability to absorb Energy Healing? It's not just a myth - it's a fact! Animals, with their pure essence and uncomplicated thought patterns, are like sponges for healing energy. Tap into this incredible power and witness their speedy recovery like never before. Let's give our furry friends the healing they deserve!

Pets are not weighed down with all that we have to process as humans.  That’s why they can accept long distance healing without any complications.  It always amazes the pet parent that as I work on their pet they see them relax and most of the time go to sleep while I’m working on them. 

Being a Pet Psychic is the most rewarding work that I do!

As a pet psychic, I have the privilege of delving into the minds and hearts of our beloved furry companions, uncovering their thoughts, emotions, and needs. It is a deeply fulfilling experience to bridge the gap between species and facilitate communication that goes beyond words. Join me on this magical journey of understanding and connection with our cherished pets.

Most people do not realize that animals have Chakras too.  Just like our Chakras, theirs need to be in balance to have the optimum physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Everything and everyone are made up of energy. Energy is what gives us life and connects us, one and all to each other.  Just like with us, energy flow blockages leads to slower internal healing and functions. Energy healing removes blocks and creates optimal self-healing. Animal’s energy fields also include spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical realms. Energy balancing brings stress relief for pets in all of these realms.  

Reiki for Animals Benefits 

Dive into the world of holistic healing with Reiki for animals! Boost your pet's well-being and speed up recovery from illnesses, wounds, and surgeries with the gentle touch of Reiki energy. Witness a transformation as tension and anxiety melt away, leaving your furry friend in a state of blissful peace. Experience the magic of pain relief and accelerated healing, allowing your pet's body to naturally restore itself. Discover hidden medical issues and embark on a journey towards overall wellness with the therapeutic wonders of Reiki!

How do I work remotely?

I am an avid animal lover and pets of all shapes and sizes have always responded well to me both in person and remotely.  

How can my remote energy healing work? 

Dive into the fascinating world of remote energy healing where invisible forces connect us in ways beyond comprehension. Just like how cell phones transmit energy to make connections, my remote energy healing works on the principle of energy beaming, allowing me to connect with animals on a profound level. Though unseen by the human eye, the exchange of energy between me and the pet happens at a speed faster than light, creating a powerful bond that transcends physical barriers. Experience the transformative effects of remote energy healing and unlock a new realm of healing possibilities.

Please Note: This does not take the place of a veterinarian.  Only a veterinarian can give a medical diagnosis


  • Reiki for animals reduces healing time from wounds and surgery.
  • Energy balancing brings about stress relief for pets.
  • We are all "Beings of energy"
  • Energy healing removes blocks – creates “optimum” self-healing.
  • Animal’s energy field includes spiritual, emotional, mental & physical healing

This is absolutely one of my favorite services and I see so many changes for the pets that I work on.  To learn more about Animal Energy Balancing Check Out This Link and at the bottom of the page is reviews from many of my clients.  You will understand how much it has done for them.

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Sending love and light,
Cherokee Billie

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March 23, 2023

As I was listening to your video on the passing of a pet, I am thinking of my recently deceased chicken, Papa, who was a hen. Everything you said was right on. I wanted to tell you and anyone who feels these connections, that as you spoke of a pet making themselves known, after leaving, a red cardinal flew by my window. I assume it is the same cardinal who appears every day, bright red against a grey background of winter. I always greet “Papa”, feeling that she must have become a spirit within that cardinal. My other 3 hens, sisters to Papa, seem to know her, as well. Papa is also in my heart.
As she lay in my arms, our eyes were fastened on each other, until hers closed. I held her for a long time, until I knew her soul had passed. To this day, I feel the depth of losing her. The other three knowing my sadness, group around me when I am near. They know we are family, me included. I love those girls.

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