How To Find Your Life Path

January 01, 2018

How To Find Your Life Path

Are you wondering where you are on your life path?  The most common questions I get asked as a spiritual advisor is what is my life path.  You may be wondering how do I find my life path?

You might be surprised to know that you’re already on your life path.  Many people assume that being on their path is going to make everything rosy and that they will be completely enlightened.  That’s not the case most of the time.  It’s a rough journey and only you can walk your sacred path.  Yours is different than the next person’s path.

Many teachings out there today make people believe that everything is pre destined.  That is not true.  God gives us free will and because of that free will not everything in life is preordained.  This may be shocking for you to hear.  But think about it.  We’re not puppets that are controlled by a puppet master.  Instead the master cut the strings and let us walk along life making our own decisions.

Perhaps you feel let down in life because you have not accomplished something earth shattering or great.  Does that mean you have not been on your path?  No.  Sometimes it’s the simplest of things in life that make a difference for you and perhaps for others.  I’m focusing this message on you and not on anyone else.  In reality you walk your own path and with positive intentions you leave a trail of lights behind you helping others along the way.

The biggest problem is you are impatient and expect everything immediate.  Life is going to unfold at its own rate.  You need to be willing to allow your life to happen and its own pace and not at the rate or time you think it should.

Traveling along your life path is going to either awaken you or you will find yourself rejecting the direction that you should take.  Eventually you may find your way back to the direction you’re supposed to be going.  Nowhere does it state that life is going to be easy.  It does not have to be difficult as long as we start seeing the possibilities ahead of us.  That’s the point of knowing about your life path and which direction you should go

In the course of my 40 years of study and spiritual teaching I have learned how to help people find their true path. I am an ordained minister and have helped countless thousands find their direction and their path in life.  If you are feeling confused about life and want to know what direction you should be headed in let me help you. Learn More

Each day creates an atmosphere of renewal for all of us. Regardless of what mistakes have been made in the past or what projects might remain unfinished; every day provides an opportunity to make things better. As with all beginnings, however, getting started can be the most challenging step. My Spiritual Advisor services can help you welcome the New Year by clarifying your purpose and illuminating the paths you can take to reach your goals. How else can spiritual guidance assist your transition into the future?  

The intuitive powers of a spiritual advisor can provide insight into what we offer the world and how to harness these individual skills. Better communication with oneself is among the most powerful tools for success and happiness throughout life. With this information in mind, you will be better prepared to increase your quality of life this year and in the years beyond. Strive to free your spirit from negative energies and begin today on the right foot!

The intuition of a spiritual advisor can aid your ability to make the right decisions related to business or your personal life. Spiritual guidance for enhancing relationships, seizing promotions and resolving any problems that currently block your success can elevate you to new frontiers, and encourage you to pursue the PATH that is right for you.

Arrange an appointment by calling (786)-375-5434 and let's start your New Year in the right direction.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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