Lions Gateway Portal August 8, 2023

August 06, 2023

Lions Gateway Portal August 8, 2023

Unleash the power of cosmic energy with the Lions Gateway Portal on August 8, 2023!

Brace yourselves, cosmic adventurers! It's time to mark your calendars and prepare for the mind-blowing event of the year - the epic Lions Gateway cosmic alignment is right around the corner on August 8th! Get ready to unleash your inner lion and embark on a celestial journey like no other!

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The Lions Gateway is a celestial extravaganza that happens once a year, and boy, does it know how to throw a party! Picture this: the stars align, the cosmic energy surges, and the universe opens its gates wide open for us to tap into its power. It's a time of immense spiritual growth, manifestation, and transformation. So, get your dancing shoes on and let's groove to the celestial beats!

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During this cosmic shindig, the energy is so electrifying that it feels like the universe itself is giving us a high-five. It's a time when the energies of the Sun and the star Sirius merge, creating a powerful portal that connects us with higher realms. It's like having a direct line to the cosmic DJ, where you can request any tune you want for your life's playlist.

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This year's Lions Gateway promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Imagine a dance floor filled with limitless possibilities, where your dreams can come true with just a few cosmic twirls. It's time to let go of any doubts, fears, or limitations that have been holding you back. This is your chance to step into your power, embrace your inner roar, and rewrite the cosmic script of your life.

So, grab your cosmic crew, put on your brightest cosmic attire, and get ready to party under the starry skies. The Lions Gateway is calling your name, and it's about to take you on a cosmic joyride like no other. Get ready to manifest your desires, connect with your higher self, and let the universe shower you with its infinite blessings.

Remember, this cosmic celebration is not to be missed. So, mark August 8th on your calendar, set your intentions, and get ready to dance, manifest, and elevate your vibration. The Lions Gateway is here, and it's time to roar your way to cosmic greatness. Let's make this the most epic cosmic party of the year!

Get ready to unlock the cosmic connection like never before with our sensational Sirius Gateway! This celestial phenomenon occurs when the Earth aligns perfectly with the magnificent star Sirius, creating a gateway to infinite possibilities and celestial wonders. It's time to embark on a cosmic journey filled with awe-inspiring revelations and celestial delights. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tap into the cosmic energy of the universe. Join us as we venture into the vast expanse of the cosmos, where dreams come true and miracles unfold. Prepare to be dazzled by the cosmic dance between Earth and Sirius, and let your spirit soar to new celestial heights.

As the star Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and from our perspective on Earth, it appears that Sirius (the brightest star we can see) comes closer to the Earth.

The countdown has begun, so mark your calendars and get ready to experience the extraordinary with our Sirius Gateway!

Make sure you keep yourself protected in The Divine White Light during this Lions Gateway Opening.  I recommend this because so many energies are pouring into our planet and we need to be sure we receive only the positive energies.

Be aware of where in your life you are embodying joy, responding with love, and feeling excited.

These are key ways of being in alignment...

  • Meditation
  • Nature
  • Water
  • Movement
  • Staying Present in the Moment
  • Be willing to focus on areas where you feel joyful and inspired...
  • Take steps to let go of the things that are limiting or draining.

Take this opportunity to let go of old pain, release what bogs you down, and open your mind to renewed flexibility and clarity.

Take time on August 8 to go to a quiet place to pray, meditate or anything else that feels right to you and trust that all that is Divine will be there for you.  The Divine Loving Spirits do want to help and they just wait for you to ask and show a bit of reverence for what they do for you.

In this dynamic month, you have the opportunity to shed old patterns, beliefs, and habits that are holding you back. It's time to release the baggage and step into a new chapter of your life. Whether it's a toxic relationship, a job that doesn't fulfill you, or self-limiting beliefs, August is the perfect time to break free and create a life that truly lights you up.

August also invites you to reevaluate your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Take a step back and reflect on what truly matters to you. Are you living in alignment with your values? Are you pursuing your passions and dreams? Now is the time to course-correct and realign yourself with what brings you joy and fulfillment.

This month holds immense power and potential for personal growth. It's a call to action, urging you to take charge of your life and make positive changes. Embrace the energy of August and embrace the opportunity to transform yourself from the inside out.

So, get ready to release, reevaluate, and rise to new heights this August. Whether it's letting go of the past or creating a clear vision for your future, this month is your time to shine. Embrace the power of August and watch as your life transforms in ways you never thought possible.

Be sure to check out my Special Spiritual Services that can guide you through this sacred portal.  It's time to let your inner lion roar!

Many Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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