New Moon and Solar Eclipse February 15, 2018

February 03, 2018

New Moon and Solar Eclipse February 15, 2018

We have a sweet treat this Valentine’s with the New Moon February 15 and a solar eclipse. Together with the January 31 lunar eclipse, the February 15 solar eclipse signals a new awareness and changes for those who seek spiritual advancement.

A new moon symbolizes new beginnings when you look at old goals and set new ones. It is a good time to contemplate upon your life. The meaning of a new moon is the opportunity to start anew and refresh your dreams and desires. It is a time of magic!

What many people want as a new beginning is to have love in their life.  Valentine’s Day can often cause single people to feel more depressed than normal.  It makes them aware of being alone.  This month conversations take on the love tone.  Single or not everyone has a desire for love.  They either want to receive love, give love, or embrace divine love

There will be No Full Moon in February 2018. Why? This last happened in 1999 and occurs about 4 times a century. February is the only month that this is possible because the lunar cycle is longer than the number of days in February. When this does occur January and March usually have 2 Full Moon as it does this year.

solar eclipse

The partial solar eclipse on Thursday February 15, 2018 occurs in Aquarius.  This solar eclipse has a major focus on ideas and communication because it closely aligns with the planet Mercury. This means love, companionship, health, and medicine will be topics of discussion to come from this eclipse. This is a solar eclipse of freedom and choice, with exciting new ideas and technologies to give you a happier, healthier and more enjoyable life.

Chinese year of the Earth Dog

In addition to being a solar eclipse, February 15 kicks off the Chinese year of the Earth Dog. After an exhausting year under the Fire Rooster’s rule (Social Unrest, Twitter wars, pecking orders…enough already!), the collaborative and loyal Dog could come as a welcome relief.


Ways To Invite Love Into Your Life Using New Moon Intentions.

  • Love and accept yourself for who you are! Every day look in the mirror and say, "I love you.”
  • Find happiness inside of you. It may take work, but you can find inner happiness.
  • If you meet someone that strikes you as special make sure that you touch them gently on the arm, hand or shoulder. Physical Touch is powerful and your energy will vibrate through them. Remember one touch is more powerful than 50 text messages.
  • Make a list and write down everything you want out of a relationship, the type of person you want in your life, and visualize getting what you want daily. Whatever you can visualize-you can create.

Fill yourself with all the thoughts of change that help this world to be better in all ways. Bring up all the ways that you can help to foster and create that change, not only within but also in your daily life to the world around you.

Add power to your intentions by singing, drumming, chanting, or raising energy in your own unique way.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, hope, faith and optimism. It is important night energy wise as it sets the pace for the entire lunar cycle. This means it’s also a great time to work with Spirit. 

Make a fresh start.

Set your New Moon Intentions in Motion with one or all of the following rituals:

  • New Moon Magic: Make a fresh start, begin a project, initiate a new relationship, start a new routine.
  • Create a ritual: Set an intention, write down your wishes, dreams, and desires.
  • Light a white/silver candle; imagine the new moving toward you in joyful, powerful ways.
  • Spend a few moments breathing in the energy of this new reality each day, making it more and more tangible.

Work this for one moon cycle and re-access and energize on the next new moon if needed.

The new moon is also a time of seeding ideas and intentions. Theses seeded ideas will then sprout with the coming full moon just as the seed lie waiting in darkness to break forth into the light to bring fruit, so should you allow the gestation and creation of such idea to bring about physical results. We need to pay attention to which way the wind is blowing as certain flexibility may be required. Is a good time for airing out your personal self so that you can start new. Each season we can be born again.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, hope, faith and optimism. It is an important night energy wise as it sets the pace for the entire lunar cycle. Get a New Moon Spiritual Reading to check in and see how things are going in your life. Find out what energy this New Moon will bring you.

New Moon Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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