New Moon February 4, 2019 and the Chinese New Year!

January 26, 2019

New Moon February 4, 2019 and the Chinese New Year!

February kicks off with the new Moon February 4 in Aquarius.  Along with this is the Chinese New Year February 5 and it is the Year of the Pig!

This new Moon represents a time of giving back to the world and sharing the gift of hope.  In today’s world being generous of spirit and giving and inspiring people to have hope is critical.  We have gone through many changes over the last few months and now that we are way past the holidays we can start looking at the world in a new light.  The light of love!

In our day to day world it’s easy to get overwhelmed by negative energies.  When we start tuning in each day to the love and light of God we start to see the world and a different way.  This is what this new Moon is all about.  This New Moon helps you see how your light sparkles and the world and what a difference you can make.

New moons are always about planting new beginnings and this Moon is urging us to plant love and hope back into the world.  New moons are always optimistic.  It is a time to cleanse your spiritual and emotional self.  When you do a cleansing you are making room for new opportunities and growth in your life.

If you do any type of ceremony or ritual for the New Moon make sure you send out the message of love, God’s Light, and hope. New moon rituals are perfect for planting new seeds and starting afresh. We are essentially working on the blank canvas of the dark moon where our ideas can gestate in the new moon soil. These thought-seeds are slowly awoken by the growing crescent moon as the day’s progress towards the illumination of the full moon. The darkness of the new moon gives peace and tranquility while our seed intentions slowly take root and sustenance form the fertile earth below. This period cannot be rushed and it is a great time to have some quiet dark-moon time to compose our goals and plans for the month ahead. Any wishes made at this time carry great force.

It’s not always easy to love people especially when there filled with negative energies.  This will be a New Moon that challenges you to rise above your personal feelings.

This is your opportunity to advance your soul growth. Do not let this moment pass you by. It is easy to say that I will do it tomorrow or the next day or the next day, and soon you will discover that ten years have gone behind you, and you will wonder what you did with your life during that time.

I love the work that I do and sharing my messages through articles and videos is my way of giving back to the world.  I know that many of you look forward to what I write and what I will come up with in a video.  It does take time and it is an act of love to do this type of work.  So think about it - what can you do to send out the love vibration to the world.  Each one of us is capable of doing it if we make that our intention for this New Moon and the Chinese New Year’s.

Year of the Pig

Now you add in the Chinese Year of the Pig and we have the energy of fortune and good luck.  If you are ambitious this will be a good year to make money.  People have been struggling so much the past year and now with this new energy from the Pig we will find that there is a boost to increasing revenue in your business and personal life. I bet you never wondered how the term piggy bank came into existence.  It’s related to the prosperity of the pig in the Chinese horoscope! Now is a good time to add money to your piggy bank and watch it grow through this year.

If you have felt that all of the good opportunities in your life have passed you by the Pig is here to remind you that it is never too late.  You still have time to succeed!

 On the other hand if you are a person who tends to be lazy the Chinese Year of the Pig will feed your lazy spirit.

It’s up to you to determine which part of this Chinese New Year animal you follow.

With the energy of the New Moon and the good fortune of the Pig it’s a perfect time to create abundance.  Here is one of my favorite exercises on creating abundance in your life.

 Abundance Check Ritual for the New Moon
Abundance Check Ritual for the New Moon.

Writing an Abundance Check is an exercise you can use to create more abundance in your life and the check is to be written within 24 hours after each New Moon. It is not necessary to put a date on the check and you DO NOT write a specific dollar amount on the check. Then put the check away in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take over from there.

Clean and shine the diamond of your soul and let that light shine before everyone, so that people wonder as you pass by-what it was that just touched their soul.

The Bible – Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

I pray for you, even if I don’t know you, every day. I know that no prayer goes unanswered and I pray for each person to be touched by the spirit of love and be transformed into a sparkling diamond that reflects the light of God and Love.

Find out what is ahead for you This Year with a New Moon Spiritual Reading

Make a difference this year in your life and in your part of the world.

Shine on you precious diamond! Ten years from now you will look back in amazement at how much you have grown and changed your part of the world.

If you need help on changing your life contact me, Cherokee Billie, and together we will uncover the diamond of your soul!  I offer countless Services, Customized Spiritual Readings, Chakra Balancing, Spiritual Classes, and ebooks all designed to help you advance on your spiritual path.

Happy Year of the Pig
New Moon Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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