New Moon January 13, 2021 in the sign of Capricorn

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New Moon January 13, 2021 in the sign of Capricorn

It's the first New Moon of 2021! Time to set the pace for the next Lunar cycle!

This New Moon is in the sign of Capricorn on January 13, 2021 .This is a time of cutting any cords that bind you and let your freedom Fly! With this potent Capricorn energy, we have the chance to create some serious order in our lives. It’s time to make some solid plans and to set the stage for reaping the rewards from our new beginnings, as little or big as they may be, in approximately two weeks’ time after the Full Moon occurs. One of Capricorn’s “lessons” is to offer us freedom–freedom from worry and chaos. Setting goals for ourselves allows us to focus on what really matters.

This New Moon is asking you to wake up! The New Moon is called the Seed Moon. It is a time of sprouting and new beginnings.  It’s also a time to spiritually wake up!

This New Moon energy is incredibly strong and it's coming your way quickly bringing with it many positive changes to your life.  This energy is going to bring about a year of personal growth.  If you choose to move ahead. 

This year is going to be one of great acceleration.  Yes, many things are slow because of the pandemic, but technology is going faster and faster. Let’s face it we can’t escape technology anymore.  I year ago no one would have imagined how much our lives would depend on the Internet and Technology.  It’s going to increase and be aware of this.

We need it in so many different ways, but I feel it’s running our lives more than we should allow it.  So many people are controlled by their cell phones.  They cannot be separated from their phone without having an anxiety attack.  This is not healthy.

Everything about you is being monitored and tracked and if you think it’s not - you are sadly mistaken.  To me it’s an indication of things that were predicted thousands of years ago in the Book of Revelations.  I have studied this book intensely over the years and I do see the Mark of the Beast coming closer each day.  More and more money is being eliminated and we use plastic money.  This is traceable and that is one of the reasons cash is being discarded because it can not be recorded be recorded.  The book of Revelations talks about not being able to buy things without the Mark of the Beast and basically that’s talking about having implanted credit card numbers so all you do is tracked.

This is not to put fear in to you, but to make you think about how much of your life do you want controlled and monitored.

It amazes me how so many are allowing technology to run everything in their home, cars, cell phones and pretty much their life.  What did people do before this advanced technology?  They did things themselves.  I may sound old fashion, but I’ve been on this planet a long time and I’ve seen the incredible changes that have occurred in my lifetime and it pretty much blows my mind.

I’m the only person I know who does not have a cell phone.  This stuns people, but there’s many reasons that I do not have one and one of them is I don’t like how it knows so much about me.  It’s difficult enough with a computer, but a computer doesn’t track and watch you like a cell phone does. 

I’m not here to preach to anyone what to do, I am just sharing my feelings about what I see coming this year.  You decide what is right for you.

2021 is loaded with potential for you if you stay focused and organized.  Many of you may have felt the impact of this energy already.

It’s time to Cut the Cords to the past.  That includes relationships or anything that still has a strong hold on you.  This is one of the biggest messages that I get from this New Moon.  Let go of anything that does not serve you.  Check Out My Cord Cutting Service Here.

This is not a quiet year and this New Moon starts the feelings of growth within you. For those of you who are tuned in spiritually you are going to find that your energy is heightened.  It's a great year to expand upon your spiritual and intuitive practices and learn all you can about working with your personal gifts.

As this year goes by and you find the need to do something important, to hold for the greater good, to take a stand, or to feel empowered in your truth, remember the power of the water within you. The water in our blood and in our bodies is connected to all the waters of the world in ways that are compassionate, empowering, creative and ever flowing. It always finds or creates the right and correct path as it makes its way, as it flows from the places of old to the places of new with truth, conscience, responsible action, self empowerment, and personal sovereignty.

Make a fresh start. Create a New Moon ritual:

  • Set an intention.
  • Light a white/silver candle.
  • Imagine the new moving toward you in joyful, powerful ways.

    Find out that this New Moon holds for you and the rest of the year.  Click Here To Learn More.  Make a difference this year in your life and in your part of the world.

    New Moon Blessings,
    Cherokee Billie

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    Jennifer Fitzgerald
    Jennifer Fitzgerald

    January 17, 2021

    Yes!!! I have intuitively felt everything you have just placed into words!!! This makes me so excited for the future, of course to be on guard as well, but to go for things that I have waited too long on! Thank you Cherokee Billie, beautiful reading!!!

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