The Last Time I Saw My Father’s Spirit

April 12, 2021

The Last Time I Saw My Father’s Spirit

My father was the most amazing person I ever knew in my life.  He came from incredible poverty with no education, to rise as the owner of an aerospace manufacturing company.  He taught me so much while he was living and he has continued to teach me after he passed.

Cherokee Billie and her father

My father passed December of 1994 and within less than 24 hours he woke me up screaming into my right ear everything he wanted me to know that he had not told me.  From that point on he appeared frequently in front of me.  This continued for five years.  He did not go into the spirit world and stayed earthbound because he knew he had to help me.  He left me with a great deal of responsibility for his business and at that time I was already bedridden from an accident.  So I have needed his help.  Five years after his death I had to close his business.

July of 1999 I was lying in my bed and I saw my father’s spirit on the left side of the bed. he was wearing a familiar red and navy blue striped shirt and blue jeans.  He didn’t look at me, he looked directly ahead and walked into the wall on the left side of my bed and disappeared.

I turned my head hoping I would see him somewhere else in the bedroom and instead at the end of my bed I saw a beautiful woman wearing a long white flowing dress and she had long golden curly hair.  She stared at me and I stared at her.  We didn’t say anything to each other.  This lasted for maybe 1 minute and then she disappeared.Guardian angel

I knew she was my guardian angel and for some reason my father had brought her with him. 

For over two years I had been trying to find someone to set up a handicap computer system for me to be able to operate from bed.  Within two weeks of my father walking through that wall on the left side of my bed, I met a man who was able to set up a complete Computer System with a bar that hung over my head for the monitor and he installed it exactly where my father had walked through the wall.

I knew my father had brought this whole thing together as a way for me to continue to make a living without his business.  He had been a master of machines and I believe he wanted me to master the computer.  That was his final gift to me before he transcended into spirit.

I have not seen my father again in physical form since July of 1999, but I have seen objects move and I have heard him talk to me.  Often he appears in my dreams.

Because of him I have been able to reach millions of people with my various spiritual messages.  There’s no question that there is life after death and that our angels are with us.  To learn more about my father check out my article called After Life.

If you would like to learn how to contact a deceased loved one Contact Me privately.

May this message bless you,
Cherokee Billie

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