Tips for a Rewarding Internet Dating Experience

August 12, 2022

Tips for a Rewarding Internet Dating Experience

In today’s busy world it seems to be more difficult to find people that you would like to date. Internet dating has become one of the most convenient ways to meet someone and find a lifelong partner. More and more people are finding life partners through the internet. People are looking for that someone special whether it be by using an online internet dating service, looking in chat rooms, surveying the possibilities on Facebook, or testing their luck in online gaming and other virtual worlds.

Internet Dating

There is nothing wrong with internet dating. You just need to use caution and think before you start sharing personal or intimate details about your life.  It is important to remember that you really do not know the people you meet on the internet and that you have to remember that they are a stranger.

As a Spiritual Advisor I receive frequent calls from people who have met someone on the internet and feel they have met the person of their dreams. The person calling me wants to know if the internet person is being honest and sincere with them.  Using psychic/clairvoyant methods I, Cherokee Billie, am able to quickly tell someone if the person is being honest or if there is a hidden agenda. 

Often the person on the other end of the internet lives far from the other person and sometimes even in other countries. Right here is a mistake. There can be a great mystique to meeting someone from a different country, but is it going to be practical?  How feasible is it for you or the other person to be able to afford to travel long distances on a frequent basis?  These may be fun fantasies, but rarely do they work out as long lasting relationships. 

It is best to try to meet someone on the internet who is in your area code or at least in the same state that you are in. It is best to date within a 25 mile radius of where you are.  The reason is simple, you want to meet this person face to face as soon as possible because that is going to tell you a lot more about whom this person is. Sometimes people do not even use their own picture on their profile. Many people exaggerate certain facts such as their age, weight, marital status, and sexual history. A face to face meeting will answer most of your questions pretty quickly.

Make sure your profile reflects who you really are. Keep your age within a few years and if you are slightly overweight state that you are. Ask if a person can deal with it? Be upfront with any positives about yourself and any flaws. This will help sort out people that would be a waste of time and energy. Someone has to love you for who you are-warts and all. Do not tell all about your past relationships. That should be reserved for when you meet in person and know this person better.

If you choose to talk by telephone it is best to use a cellular number. Remember this is a stranger you are connecting to. Do not give out your home address. More people are being stalked than ever before in history. Again use caution.

  • You Should Arrange To Meet Within Two Weeks Of Constant Communication.
  • Do Not Let A Long Space Of Time Go Before The Two Of You Come Face To Face.

Communicating on the internet can give you a false sense of intimacy.  If the other person delays meeting you there may be a reason and the red flag should go up if they constantly have excuses for not meeting.

Meet in a public place and make sure that someone you know and trust is aware of your meeting and that they have all information about the person you are meeting, such as email address, cellular telephone number, and any other pertinent information.

This is advisable for men and women. Use common sense in meeting a stranger. Always practice safety first.

Many people that I have counseled as a psychic have sent money to the person they have met on the internet without ever meeting in person. They are always guaranteed that the person will send the money back and that their needs are urgent.  People have told them every story from someones mother needing surgery to helping them pay rent.  Unfortunately these people have been scammed and never get the money back and never meet the person. I have heard this story over and over. Remember you do not know this person and you have no obligations to help them out financially.

First Date

Dating should be fun and internet dating can be fun and rewarding if you use common sense and caution. You are looking to find someone who shares your beliefs, goals, values, and interests.

It does not matter how you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right all that matters is that you do meet and find love.

If you feel you have met that special person through the internet contact me, Cherokee Billie, and I will be able to provide you with information that you may not know, and verify if they are a good match for you.

Many Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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