What to Know When Your Pet Passes

May 31, 2023

What to Know When Your Pet Passes

A video manual for helping you cope with the grief and loss of losing a beloved pet in your life. CLICK HERE  to get your Video Manual.  

If you’re wondering what to do when your pet passes or maybe you’re asking yourself, “what do I need to know when my pet passes,” you’re probably in a lot of pain right now. For a pet parent, losing a beloved pet is just as hard, and for some even harder, than losing a human family member. On top of the grief we feel over the loss of our pet, we often have to deal with a culture that doesn’t understand our heartfelt deep grief for an animal.

About the Animal Afterlife and Animal Communication

In my job as an animal communicator for two decades, I’ve spent thousands of hours connecting with animals going through the dying process as well as animals that have already crossed over. In that time together, they’ve taught me a different view of the Other Side: a view that I feel honored to know. What the animals have shown me about the animal afterlife, not only helps me understand why animals do the things they do around death, but it also eases my heart and grief as well.

What To Do When Your Pet Passes Video Manual

In this 'What To Do When Your Pet Passes' video manual, I share with you 7 of the most helpful things animals around the world have taught me about the animal afterlife that I’ve seen help thousands of my clients go through the grieving process. You will find comfort in this Video Manual as well.

Be Blessed,
Cherokee Billie

CLICK HERE  to get your Video Manual.  

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