Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

September 02, 2019 3 Comments

Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Have you noticed that in times of disasters, people from all over the world, irrespective of caste, creed, gender or anything else, come together to help each other, be with them and do good for them.

When one area of the world is hit with a disaster, one will see that people from all over the world come forward to be of help for the people in distress.

These big disasters remind us to be nicer and better people to others on a daily basis.  The entire main purpose to our life is to live in love and to give that love to others.

We are always questioning violent acts of nature, mindless killing, tragic accidents and many people wonder how there can be a God who allows so much destruction, death, and unhappiness.  God is in the midst of this.  He is allowing people to see what they truly are made of.  If everything in life went perfect and there were no challenges you would never realize your true self.

It also gives people an opportunity to show their true humanitarianism by giving freely of their time, energy, and money to help their fellow brother, sisters, and animal family. Throughout the beginning of mankind the message has been to show love and kindness to everyone you meet. Yet, we go about our lives forgetting this message on a daily basis. Perhaps we are angry with the driver who cut us off on the freeway, coworkers, family, spouse, children or friends. We do not stop to take the time to realize that they are going through their own personal traumas and we forget about showing little acts of kindness.

So to remind us that we are to be kind and compassionate God allows something huge to happen to wake us up to the fact that we all inhabit this planet, and we all breathe the same air, and we all love our children. People have been feeling more emotions this past year than they had in quite some time. Continue your prayers, but do more, offer help for the people who are suffering and just needing the bare necessities right now.  Show your faith by your works. 


In today’s world many are concerned about getting food  and water for the day. It takes you to the very foundation of our existence (survival) when you are faced with such a calamity or way of life.  They are not concerned about work, status or what they are going to do for entertainment. This is what can and should bring out your humanity. You realize this could happen to you. If we could live in this aware state constantly we could change the world into a different place then it is right now.

Many times as a spiritual advisor I have delivered the message that we should show love in simple acts such as a smile to a stranger. You have no idea what that person maybe going through in that moment and your smile could mean a great deal and change the way they feel.  Each act of kindness has a ripple effect and that is an extension of God.

Look around in your own city and you will see there are many impoverished people who are living in their cars or on the streets. Think of ways you can help those in your immediate area. They are crying out in silent desperation. Let us open our spirits and souls to be able to hear these silent cries. When you can hear the silent cries you are closer to The Divine than ever before.

I work with many different people who question their spiritual beliefs.  I will hear them say at times that God has blessed them and how wonderful God is.  Then the next time we talk they are saying they do not believe in God because this went wrong or this did not happen the way it was supposed to.  I remind them that faith is believing without seeing.  I reference Hebrews chapter 11 verse one.  “Faith is the substance of things hoped for.  The evidence of things not seen.”

In one of Jesus’ teachings he said he would prefer that people would be hot or cold about their spirituality rather than lukewarm.  I would agree completely with that.  You either have faith or you have unbelief and there is no neutral ground.

I will use myself as an example of faith.  I’m not claiming to have something better than anyone else it’s just I have learned a great deal about true faith.

At a young age my life was turned around by severe illness.  Doing the most simple of things became challenging.  I then had an accident to my hips that led to me being bedridden and crippled.  Now I could blame God for the fact that this happened and that I’m not healed or I can believe that this all happened for a reason.

I may not know what the reason is, but I will eventually find out what it was all about.  I do know that I have learned a great deal about myself and others from being in this predicament.  I have seen the good human side of people and I have seen the absolute worst.  I never learned anything in life until I became bedridden.  This has been the biggest education I could ever receive.  So had my life been normal and not shut down at a young age with health problems I probably would not have the faith that I have gained.

My life is a lot like Job in The Bible who went through great devastation and never lost his faith.  In the end he was rewarded many times over.  I have been rewarded in many ways and even though I’m not completely healed it does not mean that there have not been miracles in my life.  You have to look for the small things.

We all want faith, hope, and love in our lives. However, when you are living smack dab in the midst of the unexpected, these three things become crucial. Although it may feel impossible at times – finding faith, hope, and love must be our mission right from the start.

Remember the acts of nature that come about are God’s ways of making us more humane. Practice your humanity with every person you meet daily. Truly look into their faces and see what may be hiding behind them and to send a silent prayer for those you do not know as you pass them in the supermarket, shopping malls or on the streets.

Put action to your prayers and do what you can to help your fellow human passing through your life.  Make sure you give thanks for the fact that you are safe and have all of your needs met.

When bad things happen to us, it is easy to think that maybe God is not as benevolent as we thought, but when he puts us through these things, he does it to remind us to be beings of compassion and help one another out in times of need.

When you do the things you do on a daily basis, like eating a hot meal, taking a vacation or just watching TV, think about the people who do not get to enjoy these things, people who do not even get to have a hot meal twice a day and say thanks to the Almighty, for blessing you with all that you have.

I do not claim to know everything about God, but I have felt His presence and seen the other side, the spirit world, and know that He is real.

Oh, I wish I could tell you finding faith, hope, and love will wipe away the pain and the injustice of your circumstances. But it won’t. It will still hurt even though we know God is working and we are not alone.

However, what you can gain is unbelievable. Good things can come out of a struggle.  You must pull on your faith and hold onto it as hard as you can because you will get through whatever you are going through.

Remember when you are going through a trial you are being shown a lesson.  Smile because if you were not loved God would not bother with you.  You are that Divine Spark of Light that is it’s so needed in this dark world.  A diamond does not become a diamond without pressure.  Let your soul be compressed into that beautiful diamond that reflects light.

Praying for all beings

I pray for all Divine beings to assist and protect all living beings. God bless and help all the people in the world right now.

Many Blessings,
Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

3 Responses

Shirley Frederiksen
Shirley Frederiksen

January 07, 2024

Touched my heart and soul.

Ida thomas
Ida thomas

September 03, 2019

I hear you Billie, I got really ill when turned 40, couldn’t work anymore, and my passion which was and still is was painting, Only painting now days gives me a lot of pain in my body. I still do art, as well as I can. I dug deeper into myself and found spiritual learning , started meeting my guides, Angels and Masters and now I am much better at using the other gifts god has given me, Gifts I didn’t realize I had. Blessings.

Kathy Beaumont
Kathy Beaumont

September 03, 2019

Hi Billie—- A profound article and much needed at this time, especially with Hurricane Dorian causing people to question their faith, along with the recent mass shootings. This article should be published in every major newspaper and online news sources. This message needs to find a way to spread, to guide people to think and reflect.
We would see far less of the negative in this world, if everyone treated others humanely and with kindness. God’s expectations of us is pretty simple, but, it is people themselves, who make it complicated.

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