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Don’t panic its Mercury Retrograde Time

August 31 change full moon September 16 introspective lunar eclipse Mercury Retrograde September 23 Virgo

From August 31st to September 23rd, Mercury will retrograde in the sign of Virgo. What this means is it’s time to slow down and take time to go within to gain new perspectives. 

Many people panic at the thoughts of Mercury Retrograde, but I feel that it’s just time for change and nothing to panic about.  We should always be introspective and take time to make any type of decisions.  This particular time indicates really being diligent about any actions you take and think about what you need to do next in your life and on your path. 

A wonderful event that occurs during this time is on September 16 when a full moon lunar eclipse occurs.  Always take time to plan what you want between this full moon and the next.  There is a lot of positive energy around this and do not let it go to waste. 

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

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  • Kath on

    Thanku ☺ finding it near impossible to earth myself+reading this was reassuring. Much love, xo

  • SHaron Verrechia on

    May the odds be in your favor.

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