Channeled Spiritual Messages Received by Cherokee Billie

A channeled message is a true gift and blessing for someone who is in grief over the loss of a loved one.  I fell into channeling when my father passed away.  Within 24 hours he was screaming in my right ear all of the things he wanted to tell me that he had not when he was alive.  He then manifested himself physically throughout the week.  This was the first time I had seen a spirit.  From there I have been able to channel many different people and situations.  This ebook contains information on channeling and experiences that I have encountered in the spirit world with the deceased. 

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  1. I Am A Reluctant Psychic Medium
  2. Connecting You With A Deceased Loved One This Holiday!
  3. Tips on How to Communicate with Your Deceased Loved One
  4. Meeting Miscarried Children in Spirit
  5. Channeling a Suicide
  6. What is a Channeled Psychic Reading?
  7. Messages from the Spirit World!
  8. Telephone Call from Mama from the Spirit World
  9. Are Murder Victims Ghosts?
  10. Communicating Spiritually With Animals
  11. Never Argue With a Demon
  12. A Mother’s Words From Beyond!
  13. How I Channel the Deceased

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