Inspirational Teachings By Cherokee Billie

This eBook will get you charged up and ready to create a New You!  This is an accumulation of what I have learned over the past 38 years.  I hope that this knowledge will bring awareness, motivation and enlightenment into your life.  Many blessings, Cherokee Billie. Sent to you ASAP. Thank you


  1. Create a New You!
  2. Your Emotions Affect The Planet!
  3. Are You a Judge and the Jury? 
  4. Grief Is A Part of Life
  5. Your Emotions Affect The Planet!
  6. You have the Power to be Employed or Unemployed
  7. Shine the Diamond of your Soul!
  8. Are Your Emergency Supplies Ready?
  9. Balancing Money and Spirituality
  10. Doors of Perception  
  11. Stop in Order to Move Ahead
  12. Hidden Face of Cyber Bullying
  13. Let Me Introduce You to My Friend Karma
  14. What is Our Biggest Problem NOW?
  15. *Holidays are Filled with Magic at Any Age!   
  16. *Seasonal Movies with a Spiritual Message
  17. Blue Christmas

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