Pet Healing Class for Personal Use

This is a class for those who wish to learn how to give pure Spiritual Healing directly to pets. Working with love and respect for all animals, the class shows you how to help enhance the pet’s quality of life and to stimulate their own body to initiate the healing mechanism.

The techniques are given so that You can help to comfort Your pet that is stressed, aggressive, injured, sick, or dying to ease their discomfort. Once you have learned how to do pet healing you will see your pet almost immediately become relaxed which is the best sign you are healing them.

Does Spiritual Healing Work for Dogs? 

All dogs can benefit greatly from spiritual healing. Whether it's calming them because they are anxious; relieving their stiffness due to old age; or helping them cope with fireworks, it can help them in many ways.

What is Spiritual Healing for Cats?

Spiritual Healing for cats is a therapy to soothe and comfort. Over time and with more practice and study, you'll be able to start to instinctively feel your way through your cat's energy to find the areas out of balance and where you need to direct the healing forces of universal energy.

What You Will Learn In This Class:

  • How to increase your personal energy to share with and heal your pet.
  • Instructional Audio Program
  • Personal training session with Cherokee Billie to fine tune your work and to resolve any issues you have had doing energy work.

With this class you can go at your own speed.

All this for Only $150.00.

Payments will be processed immediately, please allow up to 6 hours for email confirmation of date/time of appointment.



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