Pet Energy Healing

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Animals are extremely empathic and can absorb positive or negative energies.  Cleansing out their energy fields can help them have happier and longer lives.

What I Will Do for Your Pet:

  • Tune Into Their Energy Field
  • Detect Disturbances in Their Energy Field
  • Balance their Chakras
  • Channel healing energy into Their Auric Field
  • Check Up One Week Later

This service will be done remotely with you and your pet on the phone.

This Service Is:

  • Available Worldwide
  • Safe because it’s non invasive and drug free
  • Holistic and helps body mind and spirit
  • Soothing and relaxing for your pet
  • Reduces anxiety and phobias
  • Convenient as it’s done in the privacy of your home

Sessions last approximately 30 minutes.  Available Seven Days a Week.

PLEASE NOTE: This Service Does Not Replace Veterinarian Care.  This natural healing works in conjunction with veterinarian medical services.  No Diagnosis, Prescriptions or Medical Treatment.

*Schedules are customized. Once you have submitted your payment call (786)-375-5434 or e-mail me with a date/time for your reading as soon as possible.  All readings are done based on Eastern Time Zone. I Use Skype for International Calls  

Payments will be processed immediately, please allow up to 6 hours for email confirmation of date/time of appointment  


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View All Testimonials

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

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