Springtime Clairvoyant 30 min. Reading

* Where you are currently on your life path.

*Are you in the right career?

*What direction should you take with your business/career.

*Which Archangel is working with you?

*What is going on in your love life?

Incense and Gemstone recommendation based upon what I see clairvoyantly.

Please Have Your Questions Ready Before Our Sessions

When our reading has finished I send you a bundle of spiritual tools to work with to improve your quality of life.

Video Conferencing Available Worldwide

Receive the spiritual tools to make the changes in your life. And Much More!

My clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts allow me to connect with you without using any tools. I tap into your energy with your name and date of birth. My answers are geared to your questions and I give guidance to help you long after we have finished the call. As an interfaith minister I am not judgmental of anyone or any situation. Feel free to tell me your deepest secrets because they are safe with me This is where a Spiritual Advisor can benefit you immediately.

When you book a Spiritual Phone Reading be prepared to come out feeling rejuvenated and armed with the tools and techniques you need to change your life.*Schedules are customized. Once you have submitted your payment call (786)-375-5434 or e-mail me with a date/time for your reading as soon as possible.  All readings are done based on Eastern Time Zone. I Use Skype for International Calls

Payments will be processed immediately, please allow up to 6 hours for email confirmation of date/time of appointment  



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