How To Ruin A Relationship-Keep Texting! by Cherokee Billie

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As a Spiritual Advisor the majority of my calls are from people with problems in their love life. What I have observed that is ruining relationships is modern technology. In today’s world everything is about NOW.  Patience is a thing of the past and everybody wants what they want right now.  This is where the art of communication is dying.

Nowadays people use Text Messaging, Sexting, Facebook, Instagram, and eMail as ways of communicating with someone that they are in a relationship with or trying to have a relationship with.

Let me explain to you that this is not real communication. The Dictionary defines communication as the following: The Act of Communicating; Transmission.

  1. The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, (Texting is not writing) or behavior.
  2. Interpersonal rapport.
  3. The art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas.

True communication is face to face or by telephone where you can hear the tone and pick up the vibration of what this person is feeling towards you. It’s impossible to understand what someone is meaning if it’s a joke or if it’s something serious with a few simple text messages back and forth.

I have clients call me with frantic questions such as: “I texted him/her twenty minutes ago and he/she hasn’t responded back. What is he/she thinking about me. Is he/she mad at me. What does this mean?  Why don’t he/ she respond?”  I tell them it’s easy, call and find out or go and see him/her. The standard answer I receive is, “Oh I don’t want to bother them.” That is just a cop out because really they are afraid of what they might find out.

Relationships and marriages are falling apart faster than the economy. The main reason is people are not having proper communication. The art of communication is being lost because of the modern methods of communication or should I say lack of communication. I don’t understand why someone cannot take a few minutes to pick up the phone and call and get a direct answer rather than agonize for hours before someone responds to their text or e-mail message. It doesn’t make sense. Yet, every day as a psychic advisor I hear the same questions over and over from different people.

My advice is always the same if you want to ruin the relationship or potential relationship continue using Text Message. It’s a sure fire way to end a new relationship or destroy a relationship that has been going for a few years.

When people go to business meetings, luncheons or family dinners, many times they are Texting messages under the table. They are Texting when they drive their cars, when they’re walking down the street, in a hospital, or even in a movie theater.  This has gone way too far.

It’s evident that our society is falling apart in so many different areas and communication is probably the biggest one. It’s difficult to get people to read. I often send written advice to a client after our phone call and they will tell me they never read what I sent. When I ask why, they reply with, “Well I just don’t have time.” If you can find time to brush your teeth, have a meal, or watch television, you have time to read. “No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”  ~ Atwood H. Townsend ~

As long as you continue communicating in these methods you can be guaranteed that you will not have a successful relationship.

My advice is if you want to ruin a relationship - Keep Texting!

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