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Spiritual Reading Testimonials For Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor!

From Chloé - March 12, 2017

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thank you again for your time and your insights - it was delightful! I got shivers and strong emotions more than once when I heard about the different angels around me. And of course, knowing that my baby inside me is already surrounded by angelic presence and care brings me a joy that I can't describe. Thank you for letting me know!

I will certainly watch the «12 signs» video and all the videos on youtube, until our next encounter I thank you for keeping me in your prayers, it means a lot to me.

Many greetings and blessings from Germany,

From Paola  -- January 21, 2017

Hi Cherokee,

I wanted to write you to say thank you. I know the situation regarding my husband is hard and sometimes I don't get the clarity that things will get better but your advice worked beautiful the first week. I was so desperate to see a drastic changed and stopped following your advise. Unfortunately things got a little worse but now I started again and things are getting calm and with more peace. Sometimes I ask myself if my sister in law will one day pay all this damage and how? But I'm trying to stay calm and take day by day and this is how I'm using God's White Light.

Many Thanks!! Paola 

From Jecoliah -- December 29, 2016

Hello Cherokee Billie,

I recently finished your book, "Awaken Your Spiritual Self" and it must say it was well written and had a lot of valuable chapters that continually have been helping me. The chapter on God's White Light of course always helps, and the spiritual encounter of the evil kind was an eye opening story to what really all is out there. I plan to buy the book about your life real soon as well, it is all very interesting!

Thank you again,

From Joanie –December 07, 2016

“Tonight was so empowering!!! To be connected with you and others in an informative, sharing venue on channeling our departed loved ones' souls was an extraordinary opportunity

The more we shared, the more I wanted to hear. Grieving, and yearning for contact with, our departed loved ones is a lonely, painful path that leaves us with more questions than answers.

How comforting to not have to pioneer this uncharted territory alone!

Sharing on this uniquely private level of suffering breathes hope into traversing "the Great Mystery" we all, one day, have to face. It brings fresh insights and skillfulness to a place where -- until now -- fear, silence, and endless unanswered questions loomed large

Thank you for making this happen tonight and, above all, thank you for being you...

Sincerely, Joanie”

From Kamala –November 30, 2016

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thank you for re-aligning my chakras during this New Moon! Very powerful! I feel much different! I am still feeling the energy!
I am interested in taking your chakra balancing class. Ill be in touch soon.
Thank you for all the videos and guidance!

Much Love and Gratitude for you!

From Lisa  – November 07, 2016

Hi Billie! I watched both videos below + 12 Signs Angels are with us - loved all 3!

I also wanted to tell you that last night, after my guests left & I was outside alone looking up at the stars & thanking Archangels Zadkiel & Michael, I saw a meteor shoot through the lower atmosphere - and I KNEW it was both of them letting me know "they have my back".  I can't thank you enough for y'day's reading and helping me.  You help me more than anyone ever has and I appreciate you & your help more than you know. I bought 2 candles that have a pinkish-purplish hue y'day & lit them both on either side of my front door until I went to bed. When I can find more violet candles, I’ll buy them but these are the closest I can do for now. I’m also going to look for a violet shirt or skirt or pants & buy it when available.

After watching your video on being a Light Worker I realize that I'm likely one - but you knew that or you wouldn't have sent the link. I answered "YES" to most of the questions.  I also realize now that angels have been with me or visiting me since childhood. Small change, many feathers, all the flashes of light I see not only in my house but now also in other places, the rainbows, the shadows (all have been white-ish except for 1 I saw a few weeks ago pass btwn my backyard & awful Sandra's / Tom's. It was headed down the street in the general area of Yvonne's residence), and the muffled indistinguishable voices I've sometimes heard at night. The next time I hear those strange voices I'm going to ask them to speak more clearly. I've wondered just what I was really hearing, and have never actually found the sources. Until I saw your videos I didn't know my spirituality has been so strongly reinforced and ever-present.

Thank you so very much!!!

Lisa, the Dancer

from Rita - October 18,2016

Hello Cherokee Billie, it was my pleasure to speak with you yesterday. I look forward to the breakthrough. Your kindness lifted my spirit. I am saying the mantra. I found the YouTube video. I have two Archangels, Uriel, and Cassiel. I have prayed for Godly wisdom (and feel it has been given by you) for years. Looking forward to wisdom continued development. Also, peace, and harmony are important to me.
In gratitude, Rita

From Shelley – Sept. 28, 2016

Thank you is not enough to you! I feel so empowered and ready to take the next steps. Your presence and gifts bless us all and to me, tonight, you calmed my spirit to feel, release, and to heal. Until we speak again blessed and white light surround you always,


From Marina –July 05, 2016

Dear Billie,

I can not express in words how much I am glad that I had a reading with you! And this email of yours brought tears. I am loving the way you have summarized our reading like this ?

You are my permanent adviser from now on and I love you so much

I have already started to look for the places where i can perform for FREE.

Once again it was so much pleasure talking to you, and i am sending lots of love and prayers for you from Japan

I will definitely recommend only you for the reading, no one else.

God bless you Billie!

Thank you so much!



From Beckie – January 10, 2016

Hey there Sunshine Lady, I hope you are doing absolutely fabulous today!! :) *Big hug!*

Our journey into spirit was a beautiful, life changing experience for me. Thank you so very, very much for the blessed opportunity, you will always have my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation!! Thank you so much for sharing you wonderful, priceless gift with me and with others seeking to make connection with other family and loved ones who have crossed over!! :) Beckie

From Addy – December 18, 2015

Was very blessed to speak with this lovely Lady. ..My thanks and my Heart goes out to you. .You knew exactly where I am and why. Was not surprised by this at all. ..You’ve reinforced and given extra validation that my path here is right. .Knowing someone like Cherokee Billie can bring a smile and great confidence of Spirit. .As We Move Forward together as Sisters and Brothers this World Always know there’s beautiful people like this amazing Lady who would never judge and only nurture your Spirit. My Most Heartfelt thanks for your time and most importantly you’re Sisterly Friendship. I do recommend this to anyone in need. ..Replace your doubt with the truth of Your Sacred Path. ….Peace @ Love @ Light keep you Always Billie. ..A real pleasure to have met you and to have made a wonderful Friend ?? Blessings to All. .Feeling better about many things xoxo Addy

From Caroline  - August 26, 2015

I can not thank you enough for your time, attention, and the heavenly guidance and insight provided today at such a critical juncture.

Just how critical the timing of your call and our time was even more amazing! I needed that white light / law of protection just right then and there - immediately before I left my apartment to help me tonight in my relationship.  I was stressed out and very scared and nervous about the future.  I needed to hear just what you shared on all levels and ask for protection immediately ! 

You are truly a gift and blessing from God and I don't know how I stumbled across your web site and writings, but I am

so thankful to God that I did.  When random occurrences occur in life that can't be explained, I say to friends of mine who are spiritual and have depth... " is that odd or is that God". I have deep faith and trust, but I also know that a lot of evil lurks around us just waiting to find a portal to access and gain a foothold. I asked for protection heading over today just as you instructed, and we ended up having a wonderful afternoon and evening with love shared and expressed for the first time in almost 3 months. Shannon was left behind sobbing and having a meltdown. Hope that the firehose blasts continue to whisk her away to a life elsewhere.

I am honored in every way to follow more of what you graciously offer and share to those of us who follow. To also spread the word to those receptive about your teachings and more.

I am an eternal student of life, nature, Animal imagery and more, and I hope I can bring your help to others in need. You have to give the gift to receive !! 

I promise to continue to heed your warnings and advice about Shannon. I believe everything you have said is true and must be stopped. I am getting ready to use the power of the white light and God's help to remove her again before bed.

I will keep you posted on things here and my love whom I cherish and adore. I will also be glad to post my testimonials on the web site. 

I pray strongly for your continued safety and protection from those who wish you harm, and will be including you in my prayers  for special protection.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to talking with you again.  I do not know if you travel for seminars and classes, but I will check and see so that I might be able to attend .

Have a safe and blessed day tomorrow and every day!  More will be revealed as we know.

White light prayer time now... bye bye evil.  :)

Appreciate you deeply,

From Lois – August 22, 2015

Hi Billie:

It is my pleasure to be able to share my experiences with others on the amazing efficacy of the White Light in my own Life. No one can really know how empowering it is to be able to change (sometimes instantly) a situation, an environment, or persons for the better! For instance, my husband just left here a few moments ago rushing to get back to a yard sale where he’d bought me two outdoor chairs for my new little ‘building’ (this from someone for whom I had to call the Police to protect my interests, just a couple of weeks ago). Let me be clear, I don’t want to give the impression that the White Light of God is some kind of manipulative tool - it is not! Just as things and people around me have been changed, so have I been changed as well. I believe that the sincere use of the White Light, with a willingness to accept all that it is and does, effects wonderful blessings. My experience is that the White Light of God destroys the illusions within ourselves that create the perspectives of ‘problems’ or ‘issues’.

I always use the White Light on myself, first and foremost, and then ask the Creator to dispatch his staunchest Angels to help saturate this entire community where I live,  with the White Light. It’s so cool that in my imagination I have Angels that look like ‘Transformers’ (you know, Optimus Prime and all those characters) who are constantly shooting huge balls of the White Light into every house and all around the land here, while I also imagine an avalanche of White Light that’s continuously sweeping over this entire property and everything (and everyone) on it - it’s truly feels so freeing, and I no longer feel as if I’m alone living here among all my husband’s relatives (and, being empathic, experiencing all the negativity that they’re projecting all the time). I am so appreciative to you, Billie, for sharing this spiritual tool with me - it is truly changing every aspect of my Life for the better. Make no mistake, I use the White Light of God for everything - in my office environment, for my Son and each of his children, for any issue that presents as a ‘problem’, even for positive things (for example, in my mind’s eye, I’ve saturated my Doctoral program application with the Light ;)).

Please feel free to share anything that I’ve written (including this email), as I want Everyone to know and experience the power of the White Light of God to effect positive changes within themselves and their Life experiences. Love, blessings and all very best to you, Billie…

Lois Douglass-Alston

From Yodit – August 05, 2015

Thank you so much for your guidance, you have given me so much encouragement to continue on with my life.  Honestly, you have truly solidified what I have been feeling all make myself important before anyone else.  I pray things will work between us, but meanwhile I will continue working on myself.

I would love to reconnect with you in the future, and thank you again for the intuitive advice.  I really appreciate the articles, and plan to read them tonight!

Kind regards and may God bless you,


From Lois – July 20,2015

Hello Cherokee Billie:

I wanted to send a brief note of thanks for your help in the past few weeks – you’ve truly been wonderfully supportive and candid (both of which I much appreciate). I wanted to share an experience that I had last evening after we spoke. My phone rang sometime between 9:30pm & 10pm, and when I answered it was the Master Instructor at the school that I’m now leaving. His conversation started off very disjointed, and accusatory, but I was clear, focused and didn’t hesitate to stand up for myself – especially when I was getting the feeling that he was trying to ‘railroad’ me, so to speak. In any case, though I wasn’t consciously aware of it, the White Light was at work I feel very strongly, because in a matter of seconds, his (Master Misael’s) tone and the tone of the conversation changed completely! He went from being vaguely accusatory to praising me for completing my Black Belt, and telling me how much he appreciated me, and hat I was always welcome to visit his Schools, and participate in any seminars, etc., that I might wish to!

Additionally, last evening when I arrived back home, my husband came into the house in pain. I think I mentioned the buildings that we both have for private space. In any case, he was using a step-ladder to get into his, and he fell (or so I assumed). When he awoke this morning, unable to get out of bed without my assistance, he went on & on & on about “falling”. He even got dressed and asked me to go outside to look at where he ‘fell’. I did, and saw that one leg of the stepladder was completely broken in two – a straight cut (like a welder’s cut or something)! I was taken aback because he & others have been using that stepladder for years + they’d been using it all day yesterday without incident. Perhaps it’s coincidental, but I continue to use God’s White Light all around that place with interesting results. Last weekend, my mother-in-law and her sister had a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere, on one of the hottest mornings of the year here in N.C., and had to call my husband for help. That same weekend, one of my husband’s sons (the one who lives with my husband’s mother & who has been most disrespectful to me personally, and who won’t even speak), had an accident while out of town, and driving my mother-in-law’s (his grandmother’s) car. Finally, last week, when out for his morning run, my dog Duke, grabbed hold of my brother-in-law’s small dog (he was trying to bully my dog, who’s at least 6 or 7 times his size), and wouldn’t let go! My dog (Duke) is an American Bulldog and has never, ever attacked anyone or any other animal. He took a chunk out of the brother-in-law’s dog’s face, and the dog has been kept inside since that incident. I will mention here that this same brother-in-law just a few months ago cursed me out in my own living room. He’s bipolar, and on disability, and his mother (my mother-in-law) takes care of all his money (paying his bills, etc). It’s intriguing to me that this woman has two sons (my husband is the eldest), both of who are on ‘disability’, and whom she seeks to maintain control over.

In any case, I sincerely appreciate your sharing the White Light of God with me, and I know that it has and continues to change my Life for the better – especially in the energetic environment in which I currently reside. I send you blessings of peace, prosperity, joy, radiant good health, love and all things GOOD, and until we speak again, God Bless…

Lois Douglass-Alston

From Catherine - May 14, 2015

Thank you very much Cherokee Billie, I appreciate your services and it helped me out a lot. It gave me the push to start moving forward. I had no direction and really had lost sight of what I could be doing and you gave me the answers to help. I really liked the information you gave me about my animals guides.

Thank you again!

From Jamie – April 21, 2015


Hi this is Jamie. I want to thank you again for taking me on the guided journey into the spirit world. The healing it brought has helped me get through the remainder of my pregnancy in a healthy manner. I always feel Omar's presence and have gotten many blatant signs that he is looking out for us from the other side.

On Sunday, March 22nd I gave birth to a healthy 7 lb 11 oz baby boy. I named him Omar. He looks just like his dad and has such a peaceful countenance. I call him my Buddha baby, because he always look so peaceful and satisfied.  I've attached a few pictures of him.

Thankfully things at home isn't too stressful.. Very busy, but bearable.  My other three kids are adjusting well to the new baby and are so loving towards their little brother.

Again I thank you for being you. Click Here To Read More

Love and light,


From Amanda - April 02, 2015

Dear Billie,

I would like to express my gratitude for my reading with you. I contacted you in an effort to find answers about a relationship crisis I was having.  You were compassionate yet direct and straightforward.  Having had readings from other sources in the past, my reading with you was far more profound and accurate than something I've experienced before. I loved the way you were honest and genuine.  You warned me about obstacles that I will have to overcome.  I especially loved how you put me at ease while simultaneously giving me honest, concrete answers.  You very much helped me during a dark time.  The past few days have been emotional, but have played out exactly as you said they would.  Right now, the relationship is back on track, and I have discovered a wealth of spiritual information and tools on your website.  This afternoon, I have immersed myself in your website and its articles during my "mental health day."

To any person considering purchasing a reading or service from Billie, please allow yourself this gift.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  You will find the HONEST answers you need and seek.

I will schedule another reading or class as soon as I have the funds.



From Jamie - December 07, 2014

The past six months it seems as though my life had been completely turned upside down.  My fiancé committed suicide back in October. He was a veteran who struggled with PTSD and severe depression. With a baby on the way (and three other special needs children at home), I had so many unanswered questions and was absolutely heartbroken.  We were so excited about getting married and partaking in what we called 'sacred family.' Prior to my fiancé’s passing, we had a very strong telepathic connection and had many spiritual experiences together in meditation.   I knew deep within me that he was trying to get through to me from the other side.  So I prayed and asked to be guided to someone who could help, as I was consumed with immense grief and confusion.  The universe guided me to Cherokee Billie via her YouTube channel.  After watching one video about connecting to those in the afterlife, I knew my fiancé guided me to her.  I combed her website, reading her blogs, articles, testimonials and even listened to a few previous radio recordings.  This was my answered prayer. I realize that what we've been told about death is completely erroneous.

 Cherokee Billie took me on a guided journey into the spirit world.  I was able to see and speak extensively with my fiancé. I know now that he is no longer in mental anguish and still loves his family very much. My fiancé even telepathically communicated with our unborn child in my womb. I could feel the loving energy flow between him and our baby. It was amazing to experience the love we shared, flowing through us uninhibited.  Love in fact is eternal and definitely interdimensional. I no longer see death as these huge cosmic scissors that suddenly and mercilessly cuts us off from those we love.

I also shared a beautiful healing moment with Archangel Raphael, then two beautiful fairies. As my fiancé and I stood, holding each other (as we did all the time when he was in his physical body), Raphael lifted his arms and released healing energy upon us. There are no words to describe the flow of energy I experienced. It has been three days since that experience and I'm still struggling to find a word in the English language to explain it. I am so thankful that I was able to bask in and absorb the healing energies, especially for my baby.

Another amazing thing that happened was as my fiancé and I was sitting,  I expressed how sad I was that we would never be able to dance, as he promised, to this special song we both loved.  Immediately music starting playing,  it was our song. My fiancé stood in front of me with his hands out. I placed my hands in his and stood next to him. He embraced me and we slowly rocked together.  I finally got to have my dance!  He kept his promise!  Cherokee couldn't hear anything but was able to see everything.  She said to me that she could see us standing and he was slowly rocking me. All I could do was cry and sob tears of joy and relief because I knew this was all really happening.

In the spirit world I also met my guardian angel Helen, who has been with me since before I was born. She wanted me to know that she's always with me. I spent some time resting in her bosom--releasing all the pain from my childhood traumas and absorbing her loving energy. It is so comforting to know that I am not alone; I never was and never will be.

I was also visited by my grandmother.  Cherokee Billie is the real deal. She couldn't hear what my grandmother was saying but described her personality PERFECTLY. My grandmother wasn't a very physically affectionate person.  Never one to hug or embrace.  My grandma was tough as nails like that, but had a loving heart. So when she held my hand and rubbed my arm to comfort me, then Cherokee described seeing the same things, I knew again that this is really happening.  This was such a tremendously healing moment for me, especially in terms of my ancestral traumas. The love that my mother was unable to give me, because my grandma hadn't expressed it to her, was all restored and healed.

I was also greeted by a very large man who told me that he has been my protector throughout my life.  This tall and strong being embraced me and I immediately recognized the comforting energies.   My father was a drug addict and alcoholic, he wasn’t always there for me growing up. Nevertheless this being made sure that I wasn't fatherless.  There have been countless times while in mediation I could feel that same embrace. Even as a young child and throughout my adolescent years,  I remember crying on my pillow then suddenly feeling  This being has always helped me to feel secure, grounded and protected.

I know that my fiancé led me to Cherokee Billie.  He wanted to speak to me and I couldn't hear him or trust the signs because I was too full with grief.  If you are reading this testimonial, it is because you needed this confirmation that there are others in the spirit world who want to speak with you.  You are not alone and are so loved.  We have angels, ancestors and spirit guides who are always with us. They are there to help us, guide us, love and strengthen us in a way that is our highest good. I am grateful to Cherokee Billie for bringing me to them. I intend love and blessings to forever pour into her spirit.

Love and light,


From Isabelita - November 02, 2014

If you are reading this, you, like me, have been on a journey.  Although this is long, please read it through because I promise it is worth it!

Have you ever had the feeling like you have woken up from a dream and just can’t quite remember the details of it; that sense that you are suppose to remember something, but can’t grasp it; or that you are missing a piece of you feeling slightly incomplete.  If so, you are in the same place I was.  I have known for quite a long time that my beloved grandmother, who passed about 24 years ago now, has been trying to give me a message.  I know she is with me and my sons because we can all feel her at various times.

I am definitely not disparaging psychics.  Although I had my fair share of “fake” psychics, I also had the luck to get a few who were truly gifted.  Unfortunately, I spent probably close to $2K, because the truly gifted psychics are expensive.  The handful of truly psychic individuals could see her and tell that she was talking to me, but could never tell me what her message was.

So, being the single mother of three with very little money, I was yet again rifling through YouTube videos looking at more Guided Meditation clips when I ran upon Cherokee Billie’s videos.  Call it whatever you would like, but I was moved to call her.  After talking with her a couple of times, I decided to take the “Guided Meditation” service she offers.  I will be honest and tell you I was skeptical, but I figured $150 for an hour of meditation versus 15 minutes with a psychic.  What did I have to lose at this point, and at least I knew I would be thoroughly relaxed after the hour.

If you haven’t really tuned in, this is the part you need to focus on for YOU and YOUR FUTURE!  I am writing this in the hopes of saving you the time, energy and money when you can experience the real thing!

I should have known that my grandmother did not want to give me her message through another person.  She didn’t want a messenger.  She wanted to talk to me directly and I so desperately wanted to talk to her directly.  See, we were so strongly connected in so many ways, but mainly in just the purity of the love between a grandmother and her granddaughter.  I had promised her on the phone that I would see her again, but she died before I could, leaving me feeling I had let her down and without closure until the Guided Meditation with Cherokee Billie.

This hour journey has changed my life forever!  Cherokee Billie guided me into a relaxed state that many of you I’m sure are familiar with by now.  After that, everything changed.  I saw things just a split second before Billie would ask a question about what I might be seeing.  She could see the things I was seeing, but not hear what I was hearing.  Ladies and gentlemen, I finally saw my beloved grandmother again and spoke directly to her!  She gave me her message and so much more.  I met my ancestors from my father’s side of the family going back for centuries, all there to support me in one way or another.  What was truly amazing is that I saw a brilliant Archangel headed toward us.  Billie could not make out whom the Archangel was.  I could as he reached out to embrace my grandmother and I.  As he hugged us, I was filled with the same complete, whole body feeling of unconditional love, making my heart feel like it was going to burst.  The Archangel Chamuel was hugging us.  Yes, I cried, because the last time I felt this way was the very last time I hugged my grandmother in my early teens.  We hugged as if we would never let go, and to capture that feeling again is priceless.  The truly beautiful part is that I hadn’t felt that way since the last time I hugged her, almost thirty years ago.

Now, after the Guided Meditation, I can still feel it, like my grandmother and I are hugging right now.  My grandmother was the only one who made me understand what it meant to love myself because God was inside of me.  I believe the Archangel Chamuel was there to show me what was always obvious to my grandmother, the clarity of unconditional, pure, divine love.

Please do not waste another moment or penny on other methods when you know, as well as I, the best way to get the answers you desire is to go directly to the source without a middleman giving you the message.  I know you will leave the experience of the Guided Mediation with Cherokee Billie feeling and knowing that your life has forever been changed for the better, like mine has.

I am eternally grateful to you, Cherokee Billie, for sharing your very unique gift with me enabling me to make the direct contact with my grandmother that I so desperately needed to put my life on the right path again!  My only wish is that I had found Cherokee Billie sooner.  Believe it or not, much more because of how it has changed me than for the money I spent over the years.

Many blessings to you and all of you who choose to take the journey of a lifetime with Cherokee Billie!

From Darnell - October 22, 2014


You have no idea how much of a help you have been.  For the first time in years, I am feeling more at ease with a lot of things and can finally start to relax as I have been able to confirm so much.

A warm, heart felt thank you to you for this and much, much love sent to you.

Blessings for ever.

From Mary – October 20, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie,

Thank you for your effective prayer and healing.....and the good practical advise, too!

I am feeling stronger and more centered. The most powerful miracle has been my heart opening to what is resistance...seeing the love that is in my life and being so grateful for that.  My address issues has been solved for the time being. My prayer is to find a home where I can be self sustaining and feel connected to others.

I enjoyed your recent blog post.

Much love,

Mary Jo

From Rose - September 11, 2014

Dear Billie i wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Email reading you did on the Father of my sons, of which was truly astounding in accuracy, and clarification, and Confirmation of the situation in the present. of which has cleared up any self doubt for me and has given me deeper insight, i am also very grateful for the Spiritual advice and Guidance to help eliminate and break unhealthy connections thus improving the quality of my Sons lives, by applying myself to the Spiritual work you have set for me to do. This will also improve the my Spiritual state of being also and help with healing. Their are no real words that truly describe the astonishment i felt when i received your reply to the question i asked in relation to the reading you have given me, especially since i have not discussed the Father of the Children with you, and i live in Australia and you in Florida. Will all my sincere loving respect, i thank you once again and look forward to future readings, and guidance with you, It is such a pleasure to have a true genuine reader like yourself, of whom is truly in tune with Spirit. Blessings and Love for you hugs <3

From Susan - August 20, 2014

Dearest Billie....thank you so much for your gift of a reading as the winner of your pet photo contest. Your insight helped me focus on the direction in which I needed to go as I faced my "fork in the road". You told me what I needed to know, and I appreciate that very much! (((hugs))) Blessings to you. Susan

From Rose - August 18, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie, I would like to thank you for the Email Reading you have done for me , of which is not only Accurate but has put me upon the path of Discovering my inner Child, and working with her for Healing, with your Loving Guidance, and those in Spirit. I was very pleased to hear and learn of my Spirit Guide Red Hawk and Erin of which gives me great Comfort. The reading has given me a sense of direction in life for fulfillment and Joy in the near future and i look forward to continued readings from you. Much Love, Blessings and Gratitude for you, Rose

From Kachina - August 16, 2014

Dear Billie, There are no real words that truly express the extent of my gratitude for the e-mail reading you did for my Mother. And is very precious to me. In connecting with her, you not only answered questions that i really needed clarification with, to fully understand You also eased the pain that lay in my heart, and gave me insight to the truth of what is really happening and what did happen, and what will be. The reading i requested was very delicate and you embraced it with such Love and Care, and i now have peace of mind also, as i now have full complete understanding of why i have not had full complete contact with her in this Lifetime and knowing that we will meet in the Spirit World when the time comes. Thank you from my heart, hugs

From Kamala - August 03, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie,

I want to Thank You for helping me through a very difficult time! I had no one to turn to or share my experience with and I was fearful of losing control of the incredibly strong emotions I was feeling. I felt drawn to call you for a reading and I am so grateful I did! You revealed Great insight and Everything you shared with me was absolutely true! You also highly recommended that I spend time in nature, which I am doing. Your reading was the start of a beautiful change inside of me! The night after we talked, I was filled with so much anger and pain that I went outside and hit a chain link fence and broke my hand. At that very moment, a brilliant white light shone down upon me and it started to hail in a 30’ circle around me. I looked up into the light as the hail stung my face and I yelled in rage and pain. My attention was drawn to a raccoon hanging on the fence beside me. Our eyes met and held, my heart filled with peace and I was given a Divine Message. Then the light, hail and raccoon disappeared. The Great Spirit works in mysterious ways and that night changed my life! I realize I must love Me first and then everything else changes. I have even been able to let go of the heartache and forgive my ex-boyfriend for the horrible experience he put me through as it enabled me to open my eyes and become aware. I am very grateful for the love and peace that now fills my heart!

I enjoy your daily Jewel and I especially resonate with todays, ”Pay attention to the animals that cross your path…listen to their messages.” Yes, I am doing just that!

I admire your strength and compassion for others while dealing with your own personal challenges. You are an exceptional reader and I would recommend your service to anyone who is open and willing to hear the answers to their questions. I sent you money in Gratitude for your kindness. You are an Angel!

Sending lots of Love and Light to you and your business,


From Cerilda - August 01, 2014

Hey y' name is Cerilda.  I’ am the one who won the free reading from the photo contest on Cherokee’s Facebook page....just wrapped it up with this amazing woman...spiritually I have in my heart kept secrets of my native believes....thinking that people would not believe the things that I see. Well with our conversation...along with questions and her answers I now know to trust what I see and hear.... To look at every think now I never again will I hide any thing I see,feel,or hear...I will look at everyone...there is no hopeless in her visions... I have always felt that I do good for all.. And it is never repaid...but she told me that the good you do will always come back to you...them words made all the years of my life seem real and if there is something eating at you or feel things don't make sense...please trust me give her a call...I know my reading was free...but it will not be my last reading with her...

THANK YOU......Cherokee Billie

I now know what to do with my spirits that walk with me...Blessing to You

From Rose - August 01, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie, Both My Eldest Son and I Would Like to express our Sincere Heartfelt Gratitude, on the Accuracy of your Reading that he shared with me that you did for him, of which offered Spiritual Guidance and Great Comfort. My Eldest Son and I both Love it. My Son wishes to Also Thank you for helping him with his Spiritual Guide, and feels comforted to know his Great Grandfathers Spirits surround him and are able to offer him Their Love and Guidance also. He especially Loved the Archangel and said to let you know that he has been drawn towards them as of lately within the last year and a half, He said that he can relate to The reading and has a love for Acting, and Magicians, And yes he loves Photography, and Filming, and he loves and is very content with the answer to his last Question, I Look forward to you being able to do My Second Eldest Sons Reading next, and Once again wish to thank you Dearly from our Hearts, hugs

From Kachina - July 21, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie, I wish to express my Sincere Deep Gratitude, and to say Thank you from my Heart, for the Beautiful Reading you have done for my Son of which i received Today. I Was totally amazed and touched with the Accuracy of the Answers to the questions i asked, More so with what you could tell me of which you had no knowledge of which was very comforting, and soothed my Concerns and Worries. You are spot on with all of the reading, and i am pleased to able to finally know Who my sons Spirit Guide is, and to know his Great Grandmothers surround him also, Yes Brendie does have a deep affinity with Animals, and i have always felt that he was empathic and has healing abilities, and i love the guidance, and the message that came through his Guide, of which will be of great assistance for him. I Look forward to having a reading done for my Elder son of whom wishes to have one done to, Thank you So Much, I Am overjoyed with the Reading, Thank you Again, hugs

From Nicola-July 15, 2014

Thank you Cherokee,

I feel blessed to have been guided to you and am grateful to you for your insight.

I have been using the white light today and certainly feel it's effects. I feel somehow that sending my bother the white light will open his intuition to speak to him and help him to understand the harmful way in that he has treated me over the years, which ultimately would be the most healing thing to our relationship.. as well as facilitate a general nuclear family healing.

I can also feel the protective power of the light around vampirism, which is something I find quite challenging.

Thank you for the links.

I will continue to work with the light and will keep you posted on how things develop.

Thank you again.

With love and gratitude,


From Lucy-May 11, 2014

The other night Cherokee Billie and I did the Guided Journey to the spiritual world. I didn't know what expect. I was excited and to be honest, a little nervous. Well, Billie guided me into the spiritual world and the one person that I wanted see (my dad) came through! A young, handsome man with a smile from ear to ear. My mom was present along with my brother and my two children. They were all so happy. At the end of the session I was so relieved to know that my family are all well and content. I never felt so much peace and happiness before. I highly recommend this spiritual guided journey. It is something I'll never forget. Cherokee Billie is one amazing lady! Lucy

From Lydia-May 09,2014

THANK YOU CHEROKEE BILLIE!!!Today has already been a great new day. I have done the white light meditation several times and sprayed my house. I need to buy some salt and put that in the four corners. I've read your articles, seen your video about your own struggles and present health. You have had a very difficult path. I would like to support you by checking in with you on a regular basis. I appreciate all you have done for me so far thank you very much. I look forward to our next connection. Love Lydia

From Helen - April 14, 2014


Between your website articles, radio shows, youtube videos, and the reading this morning, I feel like I've been thrown a lifeline! Thank your for honesty, wisdom, & generosity of your spiritual advice.  I'll continue working on the visualization of God's White Light as you instructed and look forward to reading the articles you've sent me here.  I appreciate you reminding me to be still and quiet following prayer. I don't think I've been doing that part very well at all.

It's funny what you said about my not speaking up.  I don't know what has happened to me but I used to speak up all the time and many times, it gets me in hot water. My mother used to tell me, "not everyone is going to like you,that's just life".  I think she knew that I had a hard time restraining myself from speaking out and up about whatever I felt was "right" or the "truth" and she didn't want to see me get disheartened about my passion and ability to speak up by others who might cause me to fear or doubt myself.  ??  I will read the article later on after I spend time with family and friends today.  Thank you soooo much for sending me the links and telling me about where to find your pinterest page.

Also, did you know that Helen is Greek for "shining light"?  Pretty cool, huh?

Thank you for the reading, it was awesome.  I also liked the ending prayer and appreciate your continual prayer for me.  :)

God Bless,


From Melissa - March 30, 2014

Dear Cherokee Billie,

      Please forgive the delay in thanking you for your time with me Saturday morning.  Thank you for believing in me ; believing that you can help me to reach the depths of my blockages and start  to expel them from my energy being....In essence to be "L'etre Human" with clarity of her own  vision to "wake up" and actualize her dreams.

    Yesterday's conversation  was more than unexpectedly profound. So much so that I could only talk to Leslie about I promised her that I would call her if I ever contacted you.  For the time being I  cannot discuss this experience with any one else. ...sacred space.

    When I was a little girl I remember crying and having a similar feeling in my throat. From the moment you started reciting your personal sacred prayer, uncontrollable  weeping with  a huge almost choking feeling overcame me. It is a beginning.

    You mentioned that my blockages are decades and decades old......has my energy being carried them over from previous times?

    I so look forward to our personal "chakra class"

          Thank you so very much for being you...Cherokee Billie.  I will always remember that my bear spirit will always have her arm around my sleeping lioness or tigress.... surrounded in sacred white light.

   Thank you x godzillian, Melissa

From Jenny – March 22, 2014

Dear Billie,

It has been a real pleasure and blessing to meet with you and for you to hold me in a loving space for guidance.  The reading was amazing, I actually recorded it on my I phone and have played it back a few times since we spoke.

The links to white lighting and tips for empaths is a powerful tool much thanks.

I am excited about the coming future and it is precious your guidance and spirit...I checked out Vagabond very interesting and thinking a lot over these past two days on Connecting Cultures and manifesting an abundant future.

In Love and Light


From Brigitte - March 11, 2014

Hello again Cherokee Billie,

I really enjoyed and appreciated your insights and advice and am already following these helpful practices.  Much greater calm within me is taking place!  George and I will do these things together.

We believe this life’s journey is only necessary to prepare us for the ultimate ever after.

God bless – until the next time.


From Donna - March 10, 2014

Thank you ! Feel so much better. A great gift Leslie has given me. Feel better already. You have given me the gift of your knowledge and the hope for better days ahead - please know white light and prayers surround you as well.

 I will do what I can to help you as best I can-

Love and best wishes ,


From Leslie - March 09, 2014

Dear Billie,

You helped me so much. I feel calmer and more at peace.

I have been blessed by an angel, via an Anteater :)))

I will do that guided mediation with you soon.

I am grateful to have you as a teacher.

Thanks for the links below

I will do the meditations every night. I am going to send you money right now, for a 30 min. session for my sister.  I will send you a photo of her; I am in the photo too.  Is there any chance you have time tomorrow? She is having a tough time too. I think you can bring peace to her as well.



From Travis-February 27, 2014

I’m so glad that I found you.  We had a really great connection and your answers were just amazing.  You pinpointed every person I asked you about perfectly.  I really didn’t think a telephone psychic would be that good.  You sold me and I definitely need you to help me through the transition I’m trying to make in my life.  I really want to turn around everything and start new.  You definitely have given me the guidance to start the changes.  I will be calling again.

Thanks for everything, Travis

From Caroline - February 02, 2014

I want to thank you for the incredible guidance you gave me in an email reading.  I was not expecting so much help that I could do myself.  I am in the process of tapping into everything you suggested that I will let you know how it goes.  Your insight is well worth every penny.

Regards, Caroline

From Debbie - December 26, 2013

Hi Cherokee Billie,

Thank you. I am blown away with how much information and depth you provided to me in your e-mail reading and for such a small amount of money. I feel I underpaid you and owe you more. So tomorrow I will pay for 2 more questions but only ask you one and that will be regarding my daughter. After I pay, I will email you a picture of her along with the other information like I provided for Nick.

Thank you for the compliment. It's funny you say I should put my picture on Pinterest. Last night my mom was over and I was showing her my boards/pins and she said she didn't like the picture of the eye I had as my profile picture. She said it was too provocative!! I then changed it to a picture of myself. Anyone else can tell me they don't like something I do or say and It usually doesn't bother me. But when my mom tells's different.

I think the reading you gave me was great. I have had readings before and I'm usually told I will be well off financially and it will be by me doing something other than what I do for a living now. If you want to pin anything from your business to promote business, feel free to pin them on my boards if you would like. I don't usually promote products or services but I think you're great and believe in you and seriously would not mind at all.

You are such a warm soul. I appreciate you taking the time to put this together for me so quick. With me, you can always take your time. Remember that :-) I really enjoyed this!



From Becky - December 20, 2013


From Raelynn - December 20, 2013

Thank you SO  much Cherokee Billie.  It's always an absolute pleasure to speak to you.   I have already done what you suggested and released my emotions with burning some pictures.  When I started I felt emotional and after the second picture, I started to feel took my sorrow away as I kept my focus on releasing everything.  I'm so happy to have you in my life and look forward to always reading your "jems" and articles.  Thank you again -- god bless you!


From Debbie - November 16, 2013

Hello Cherokee Billie! I wanted to thank you here for your help today. I have been doing pretty good at staying positive...being a light. But today...I needed to hear about Bill and where he is and how he is. You were so spot on with him...his feelings and emotions....and with me but you restored some hope that was fading and that means everything to me. I have a lot I want to do to further my path and believe this is Divine giving us both a chance to work on each other individually, but needed human grateful I was led to you and look forward to working with you.  I will continue to use the time Divine is giving me to further myself on my path and will definitely be in touch again. On your website you mention its best to find one psychic that fits you and then stay with that one...and I intend to do that!!! Thank you...from the bottom of my heart I will be recommending you!!!  Many