The Mystical Properties of the Full Moon Cycle By Cherokee Billie

Full Moon Cycle

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From the beginning of time the full moon has had a mystical affect on the earth and its people. If you look into any ancient culture you will find references to the moon.  Full moons and New moons represent new beginnings. Their influence can empower you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace bold changes in your life or step back and reflect on personal issues close to your heart. I invite you to explore the meaning behind each month’s full moon so you may harness them to best benefit your individual needs throughout the year. Click on the BLUE titles to learn more about each specific full moon.

January’s Full Wolf Moon
When the Earth is closest to the sun during the dead of winter, we see the Full Wolf Moon. It emphasizes how fluent we are with both our emotions and our familial karmic connections. How much do you share with others? How well do you relate with them?

February Full Snow Moon
This month’s full moon, the Full Snow Moon, is named by the Native Americans for the large amounts of snowfall during this time of year. Its focus is soul searching. Love yourself and make plans for your future. This is a great time to realize the mistakes you have made in the past and to forgive them.

March’s Full Crow Moon 
This full moon is known as the Crow Moon or Worm Moon. The Native American full moon names for March are largely based on these being considered the last full moons of winter; the crow caws its farewell to the season. This is a time for new beginnings and exploring new territory. Remember your plans for the future and prepare yourself for making them a reality.

April’s Full Pink Moon
Named for the boundless wild ground phlox flowers in spring, the Full Pink Moon is a time of gathering and growth. The moon releases the most energy on this night and is an opportunity to increase your positivity. Remain calm tonight, as whatever is happening in your mind, body, and spirit will be amplified.  

May’s Full Flower Moon
The Full Flower Moon is named for the abundance of flowers during this time. Celebrate this moon! Plant a sapling or make yourself a flower headband. There is a lot of energy coming from the moon tonight, and it’s the perfect time to recharge. Put emphasis on yourself while paying attention to your emotional, mental, and physical state.

June’s Full Strawberry Moon
The name, Full Strawberry Moon, serves as a dedication to the short strawberry picking season. Native American women use this moon as the time to cleanse their spiritual selves, and it’s a great time for you to cleanse as well. Focus on getting rid of clutter, sorting drawers and cabinets, and cleaning out paperwork.

July’s Full Buck Moon
The Full Buck Moon is named for the start of antlers on young bucks. It represents the conflict in your life between roots and change in direction. Are your roots holding you back from your potential? If so, consider the steps you can take in order to eliminate dead-weight.

August’s Full Sturgeon Moon
The Full Sturgeon Moon is named for the spawning of sturgeon fish around the great lakes. There is a strong lunar pull this month, causing a great unbalance in your life. Take this opportunity to let go of old pain, release what bogs you down, and open your mind to renewed flexibility and clarity.

September's Full Harvest Moon
Called the Full Harvest Moon by Native Americans, it is the most optimal time for collecting corn crops and occurs closest to the autumn equinox. This month represents tying up loose ends. Use this opportunity to clean! Cleaning will help you cleanse your spirit and sort out issues that may have been left hanging.

October’s Full Hunter’s Moon
Throughout October work on your spiritual self, and pay attention to messages you get in your dreams. This is the time when the veil between our world and the spirit world are at its thinnest. Use this time for spiritual growth. If there is a deceased ancestor you wish to contact, this is a great month to do it.. Plan a ritual to remember those who have passed from this world, and be sure to make an offering to them.

November’s Full Beaver Moon
The Full Beaver Moon is named for the beaver’s high activity level during this time of year. It evokes emotional connections, making it ideal for cultivating relationships. The best practice for this month is to use the ever-present moon as a reminder to illuminate your emotions. Bring to light the feelings you have toward yourself and others.

December’s Full Cold Moon
This moon marks winter’s shorter days and first cold snaps. The Full Cold Moon is a time of rebirth. Your head will be busy during this time, which will bring you feelings of either giddiness or anxiety. Embrace and confront these feelings, as now is the best time to recognize what makes you feel this way.

Now you can spend time each month focusing on each different moon and what it represents.  Take some time and do a special ceremony during a full moon and let go of the past and welcome in the new.  Below is my video on the burning bowl ceremony which is excellent to do on a full moon.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie