Channel a Deceased Loved One Group Class

One Night Only! November 15, 2018, I will be teaching a Group Class on How to Channel a Deceased Loved One. This will be a live private conference available only to 4 people who purchase a spot in the class.

I have worked as a psychic medium professionally for 10 years.  What I like doing the most is teaching people and it is possible to have spiritual communication with your loved one.  I have found that the main person who can connect you with your deceased loved one is you!

This will be a small group class conducted by telephone and recorded on Thursday November 15, 2018 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, 7:00 PM Central Time, and 5:00 PM Pacific Time.  The cost for this group class is $75.00.

Spiritual communication with a deceased loved one is possible and when you learn how to receive answers you will feel great peace and comfort.

This is why learning how to channel is so important. You are the one who will receive the most information and answers

What I Teach You:

  • Go over the ways that your loved ones attempt to communicate with you
  • Teach you techniques to start developing communication with your loved ones
  • Answer your questions about channeling
  • I will help you connect with your loved one during our group class session
  • Give you the best ways for you to connect with a loved one Human or Animal!

 I understand the great loss you feel as I have lost my loved ones, but communication is possible and that is what I will teach you

The group class is less expensive and is a good opportunity to interact with other people who are feeling like you.

With this group class you will come away with a connection with your loved one, a positive outlook and the tools to help you connect with your loved one on your own.  It does take work and practice, but you can start feeling, sensing and hearing from your loved one.

Remember this is a limited time offer so Do Not Miss Out!  This class is limited to 4 people Only.

If you cannot attend the live class, No Worries.  
I have recorded a class and you can listen to this at any time you would like. Click Here to Learn More

Payments will be processed immediately, please allow up to 6 hours for email confirmation of date/time of appointment.

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