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Heavenly Seduction eBook By Cherokee Billie

The path that led to my spiritual awakening is one of the most unusual journeys you will ever read about.  In my memoir I layout my roller-coaster ride on my path and invite you to join me! 

In 1978, as a naïve ailing 26 year old, I have a chance encounter in a Los Angeles shopping center with, a missionary named Gideon who introduced me to his dreams, desires, and deceptions. Lured by his seeming devotion to me and to God, as well as his sizzling sexuality, and yearning for a meaningful role in the world, I fell in love—both with Gideon and the spiritual promise he was offering. What followed was a torrent of emotions, especially when I was asked to use my body to win souls for Jesus. Caught in the whirlpool of love, sacred aspiration and unbridled sexuality, I attempted to reconcile my feelings for Gideon and God with the teachings of the cult’s self-proclaimed prophet, Moses David.

Through marriage to Gideon, I found myself in the battle of my life as I sought to secure his love. As my health spiraled downward I was continually berated by Gideon for my lack of faith in God and His prophet Moses David. Ultimately I learned that I had to find my own truth or lose my soul.

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