Learn How to be Your Own Intuitive/Psychic - Class

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 It can be challenging to develop your psychic abilities when you don’t know what to do.  In this private group class I will teach you techniques to increase your intuitive/psychic self so that you can better your life. This class is NOT about learning Tarot cards or how to give psychic readings, but to increase your personal intuition.

What Will I Learn?

  • Ways to Increase Clairvoyance –Seeing With Your Third Eye
  • How to Increase Your Personal Energy Fields
  • How to contact your angels and guides for spiritual advice
  • Learn to protect yourself from being spiritual attacked from negative people or energies
  • What Tools will assist you in doing your personal psychic reading?

The Spirit World vibrates at a high frequency and you will learn to tune into that frequency.  In learning to do this you will find yourself living a joyful, authentic life, will help you feel more connected to the Divine and your Higher Self. Like attracts like!  Learning these techniques will attract other beautiful, spiritually aware souls into your life!

Testimony From A Client Who Took The Last Intuitive/Psychic Class
“Thank you very much for this class. Deep inside my heart, I'm so grateful that I have found you. Yesterday was a beautiful connection and I know is just the beginning of this new journey. We had great conversations and Janet seems to be a beautiful person and that's why the class was so transparent, natural, and so comfortable. I really want to keep moving forward with classes like these. There are so many things that I would love to learn but I need guidance to prioritize.

Thank you so much!!! 
Blessings, Paola”

This Class Is Limited To 4 People Only!  So Book your reservation now by purchasing this Psychic Class for the low amount of $88.00.

Let’s get enlightened!

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie




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