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Michael Jackson Channeled Messages from 2009 By Cherokee Billie - Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor
Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

Michael Jackson Channeled Messages from 2009 By Cherokee Billie


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"Sooo, could you just channel Michael Jackson for us?" It was on an Australian radio program calling me because I am a psychic medium and it was a mere three days after Michael died so tragically.

Yes, I did that.  It surprised me to make the connection to Michael Jackson and I posted it on my blog.  Well, that was the start of something!  Messages from Michael started pouring in on a regular basis. 

He is pleasant to chat with, such a gentle spirit.  I passed on what he had to say from June 28, 2009 to January 30, 2010. 

What Michael Jackson had to say then will still give those who love him comfort.  The performer wanted then to contact his fans and let them know that he was doing wonderfully, and for them not to grieve his passing. 

Those who loved Michael still, now that time has passed, are able to hear these words, these messages, without so many distracting emotions.  They are more receptive to what he wanted to say to them.

I, Cherokee Billie, have revisited the messages and decided to release these messages again.  Here are, once again, the channeled messages from the dear man, in a neat audio download form.

The program is a full one and a half hours long, and is narrated by Cherokee Billie. 

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