One-On-One Intuitive Class

This class is customized for whatever ability you would like to learn.  It is not limited on what I teach.

You will receive Three Private 1 hour sessions with me by purchasing this one class.  That's a savings of $300!

Delve Into Spirituality!

Have you wanted to learn Intuitive skills, but do not have the time to take classes, read books, spend large amounts of money, or go to seminars? Here is the solution. You can learn how to use your own intuitive abilities and learn spiritual comprehension one on one from Cherokee Billie by telephone and the internet! It’s fast and effective.


 If you’d like to Learn More about Using your Intuitive Abilities, and Spirituality-Then My New Private Course Is For You!  

Study with a Spiritualist and Ordained Minister with 35 + years experience. Cherokee Billie will guide you step by step through various exercises to help you reach your spiritual goals and help you get the most out of studying to increase your Intuitive psychic abilities. Learn techniques that can effectively help you tap into your Higher Self for answers from the Divine Spirit.100% flexibility - study at your own pace whenever you want too.  This is all accomplished through the telephone and the internet!  You can work around your own schedule - it’s up to you. With this course you will increase your own psychic abilities.

No Experience Required.

I allow you to pick the subject that you want to learn!

Get In Touch

If you'd like to spend some dedicated time with someone who has extensive experience of spirit communication and spiritual abilities then get in touch today and sign up for this class. Don’t miss out on this fabulous offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course starts as soon as I receive your payment. At that time, I email you the first class information and we set up a time to talk by phone. It's that easy!

Will I be taking the course with other people?

No. This is one-on-one and CUSTOMIZED for each individual.  I recommend allowing yourself two weeks per class, but if you need to take more time for any given class, that is entirely up to you!

Do I have to wait until a particular time to start the course?

Not at all!  You can sign up right now and get started right away.


*   You get my personal, hands-on attention through these engrossing lessons.

* The course contents themselves, and the changes they may effect in your life, could be priceless!

I’m in! How do I get started?

Pay Now $150 for the Class!

Video Conferencing Available Worldwide




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