One-On-One Intuitive Class

Delve Into Spirituality!

Have you wanted to learn Intuitive skills, but do not have the time to take classes, read books, spend large amounts of money, or go to seminars? Here is the solution. You can learn how to use your own intuitive abilities and learn spiritual comprehension one on one from Cherokee Billie by telephone and the internet! It’s fast and effective.


 If you’d like to Learn More about Using your Intuitive Abilities, and Spirituality-Then My New Private Course Is For You!  

Study with a Spiritualist and Ordained Minister with 35 + years experience. Cherokee Billie will guide you step by step through various exercises to help you reach your spiritual goals and help you get the most out of studying to increase your Intuitive psychic abilities. Learn techniques that can effectively help you tap into your Higher Self for answers from the Divine Spirit.100% flexibility - study at your own pace whenever you want too.  This is all accomplished through the telephone and the internet!  You can work around your own schedule - it’s up to you. With this course you will increase your own psychic abilities.

No Experience Required.

Class One: Charka Balancing

Charkas are energy centers occurring throughout the body and when not flowing correctly cause disharmony and lack of connection to The Divine. By balancing the Charkas natural psychic abilities, clairvoyance, channeling, and healing begin to manifest through you.  You will be instructed on how to balance your Charkas to be able to open yourself up spiritually.

Class Two: Self Hypnosis

During this training course you will learn how to hypnotize yourself and how you could use Hypnosis for the development of Psychic skills, Non verbal communication, and obtaining peace of mind. Once you learn hypnosis you will be able to enter into this peaceful state at any time.

Class Three: Automatic Writing/ Spiritual Communication

I will teach you how to tap into your Higher Self and get answers direct from the Great Spirit, spirit guides, and angels. Many find this helpful in the context of more successfully learning how to fulfill their 'life mission'.  All you need is a pen and paper and an open mind.

Class Four:  Astral Travel

Using various levels of Hypnosis/Trance and the practice of silence you will explore the process of astral travel. Astral projection is an out-of-body experience that can be achieved either during sleep, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, deep meditation or conscious projection. During astral projection the consciousness leaves the physical body and moves into the Astral or Etheric body in order to experience and learn. This is one of the most thrilling classes I teach. You Must Take The Complete Course To Be Able To Do This Class.

Get In Touch

If you'd like to spend some dedicated time with someone who has extensive experience of spirit communication and spiritual abilities then get in touch today and sign up for this class. Don’t miss out on this fabulous offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course starts as soon as I receive your payment. At that time, I email you the first class information and we set up a time to talk by phone. It's that easy!

Will I be taking the course with other people?

No. This is one-on-one and CUSTOMIZED for each individual.  I recommend allowing yourself two weeks per class, but if you need to take more time for any given class, that is entirely up to you!

Do I have to wait until a particular time to start the course?

Not at all!  You can sign up right now and get started right away.


*   You get my personal, hands-on attention through these engrossing lessons.

* The course contents themselves, and the changes they may effect in your life, could be priceless!

I’m in! How do I get started?

Pay Now $499 for the Complete Course!

Here’s what two of my Students had to say after a training course.- On Intuitive Class 

Dear Cherokee Billie,

After completing the One-on-One Classes with you, I am writing to express my thanks and to let you and others know how this work has helped me to grow.  I am quite isolated in my interest in spirituality and psychic tools.  I rarely discuss this subject or my questions with anybody, because I don't know people who share this interest.  Working with you allowed me to be open and ask any question, no matter how basic.  Also, you guided me to test my various abilities and when I reported back to you on how the tests went, our lesson built upon my experiences.  I appreciated that you coached me about what information I can trust versus what is not trustworthy.  You made the whole subject matter real for me.  As a result of working with you, I have a deeper understanding of the psychic world and confidence that I can use certain methods to get information.  Your psychic gift, and the honesty with which you share it, is greatly appreciated.


My Dear Cherokee Billie 

Thank you so very much for a wonderful first session last night!  I had been looking forward to your class for the last several weeks and wondered what it would be like – both from a ‘content and conduct’ point of view.   Although I was open to whatever would come, I still found myself asking questions such as “Where will we start?” “How would doing the class over the phone work?” “What if I couldn’t ‘get’ it?” 

All of my concerns melted away as you began to take us through the first exercise on getting in touch with our chakras.  The pace of the discussion was perfect – and I dearly appreciated how you kept things simple and focused.   You tended to me as if I was a guest sitting in your living room, and there was plenty of time for questions.  Your reassurances and your own stories on what you experienced as you learned these techniques put me at ease too.

Over the more than hour and a half that we spent together, we covered some fundamentals that I am certain will establish a good basis for the remainder of the class and our time together, but also for beyond it as well.  Already, I am actively practicing….and of course, now anxiously awaiting the next class.  Thank you once again.   Julie

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