Spiritual Body and House Cleansings

All Spiritual Body and House Cleansings are unique and custom designed for your energy and for your specific issues. All Spiritual cleansings are performed remotely by phone and completely thorough.  My service will clear severe negativity and dark energy. 

This Spiritual Remote Service is ideal for when your life is going through a great deal of changes and you need guidance and direction.  What I offer in this Special Service is the following based on your needs:

  • Clean Out Your Spirit
  • Energize Your Spirit
  • Remove Negative Energies
  • Spiritual Housecleaning

This session lasts up to 1 hour.  It’s best for you to be relaxed in bed for this process so that I can get the energies flowing in the right direction without any blockages.

Every living creation has an energy field. Spiritual cleansings can clear the energy field and Aura from negative energy or energetic blockages that keep your personal energy from flowing on a positive frequency. Once the negativity is removed you will feel immediate changes in the atmosphere around you. The changes will continue after a session as the vibration of positive energy will continue working for you.

*Schedules are customized. Once you have submitted your payment call (786)-375-434 or e-mail me with a date/time for your reading as soon as possible.  All readings are done based on Eastern Time Zone. I Use Skype for International Calls.  

Payments will be processed immediately, please allow up to 6 hours for email confirmation of date/time of appointment