Full Thunder Moon July 4/5, 2020

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Full Thunder Moon July 4/5, 2020

The summer skies will light up on July 4/5, 2020 in Capricorn.  The power of this full Moon is going to magnify the high pitched emotions in the United States.  So be prepared for things to be rocky throughout the next coming month.  Continue practicing precautions with the COVID-19 situation.  Not only protect yourself from the virus, but protect yourself from the high emotions that are going to come into play this full Moon.  I recommend you stay home and make sure you have a good supply of food and water at home.  This is a time that America celebrates its independence, but it’s also going to be a time of great social unrest.  Any celebration you want to do for Independence Day please do it at home.  Stay safe my friends.

July and August always seem to be a time when the portal from the demonic world opens up and unleashes its fury on the world.  This will be true once again this year.  With so much heightened emotion it’s really important that you keep yourself surrounded and protected in the Divine Light and do not fall victim to the negative emotions that will impact the world.

With Mercury being retrograde emotions are extremely heightened and it’s important you be aware of the planetary aspects that are causing you to feel more emotional than normal.  Do your best to not overreact.  I know that sometimes easier said than done, but you are of the light and can change your part of the world by your actions and emotions.  Again take time to disconnect from everything and go inside yourself and find the peace within.

I believe there are people out there who want to hear what I am saying about bringing peace and light within you.  This is the only way to true freedom and independence.  The things that we complain about we can change.  It’s being willing to really examine yourself and fully evolve into a peaceful being.  In today’s world that’s not easy to do because it’s all about constant invasion of your privacy.  People are connected to their phones and other Electronic Devices and have forgotten how to just be.  My goal on this planet is to somehow reach a few people and help them wake up.  I believe there are those who really want a different life and are willing to make the changes.  The change you make within you will manifest outwardly.

Watch Closely for a Penumbral Eclipse!

This month’s full Moon brings with it a penumbral eclipse, which occurs when the Moon crosses through the faint outer edge of Earth’s shadow (the penumbra), making part of the Moon appear ever-so-slightly darker than usual. Unlike a full lunar or solar eclipse, the visual effect of a penumbral eclipse is usually so minimal that it can be difficult to perceive at all. For this eclipse, only a small portion of the Moon will cross into the penumbra, making it even more difficult to see.

The full moon in July represents what many natives call “Thunder Moon”, since July is a time when rains and downpours appear allowing Mother Nature to give her wrath to people who mistreat her. At the same time, being so merciful, she would provide support and fostering to drought and feeding her playground through surges of water.

Since July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur, the full moon of this moon is called the full Buck Moon. Another name for this month’s Moon was the Thunder Moon.  This will be a month with a lot of explosive situations continuing throughout the United States.  Again keep yourself protected spiritually and physically.

The best way to express your feelings is through prayer and meditation.  I believe in praying for the planet and the United States as well as meditating on peace.  We are the instruments of peace and we have to show that to the world.

The Full Moon illuminates this conflict between roots and direction. With the Moon full symbolic “illumination” occurs in our own lives. However, these new feelings and revelations are emotional ones, as there is a sense of emotions bursting forth into our consciousness. It’s time to express ourselves in a peaceful manner.

Take time to pray and visualize what you want during this full moon.

This is a good time to cleanse and charge your crystals under the Sun during the day and the Moon by night.

This will be a perfect night to do a Burning Bowl Ceremony.  Release what you no longer need and allow the new into your life.

July Elements To Work With.

  • Herbs: honeysuckle, lemon balm, hyssop
  • Colors: Silver, Blue-gray
  • Flowers: Lotus, Water Lily, Jasmine
  • Scents: Orris, Frankincense
  • Stones: Pearl, Moonstone, White Agate
  • Trees: Oak, Acacia, Ash
  • Animals: Crab, Turtle, Dolphin, Whale
  • Birds: Starling, Ibis, Swallow

This is a great time to do Dream-work and meditation on goals and plans, especially spiritual ones.

Full Moon Ritual

Our ancestors used spiritual baths or sweat lodges during the full moon.  Water is a medium that can transfer energy.  I find that using 1/2 lb. of Epsom salts in the water helps to cleanse the spiritual body.  During a spiritual bath you need to slow down, take a deep breath, feel the water around you, let it wash and cleanse every part of you.  Let it carry the hurts, aches, negativity, grief, rejection etc down the drain.  Feel its strength and purity.  Feel the water surround you, comfort you.  Let it rebirth you.

It is beneficial to have an in depth spiritual reading every moon cycle. Since every moon cycle represents a change, it not only affects our external forces but our internal forces as well. If you would like to get a reading with me CLICK HERE!

Full Moon Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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July 05, 2020

Fantastic information. Thank you!


July 03, 2020

I was just stumbling around the internet researching for my full moon ritual and found this gem! Great info. I look forward to reading more from you!

Beth Mulreany
Beth Mulreany

July 01, 2020

Keep your messages coming. The world needs you now. Your amazing!

Beth Mulreany
Beth Mulreany

July 01, 2020

Keep your messages coming. The world needs you now. Your amazing!

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