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A Bit About Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

As a Spiritual Advisor I Bring You Clarity With Clairvoyant Psychic Phone and Email Readings. I Am a Certified Animal Communicator doing Live Pet Readings and Pet Energy Healing. Check Out My Virtual Spiritual Classes, eBooks, and Articles.  

I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister Working as a Spiritual Consultant who accesses Spiritual Guidance, via Angels, Prayer, Clairvoyant, Psychic, Transpersonal Psychology, and Naturopathic Healing - which is done by phone or email. Together we will work towards guidance, removing blockages, and soothing your wounded soul, so that you can achieve a satisfied life.

My answers are straightforward and I do not tell you what you want to hear. My goal is to find the ultimate solution for your concerns. This is all accomplished through communication with Spirit. If you are ready to move forward in your life, then I am here to help guide you on your path.

Doing Spiritual Clairvoyant Psychic Phone, Animal Communication Readings and Email Readings I am communicating with the spirit world, which works on vibration, therefore communication is possible from anyone from anywhere by phone or email.  I am able to read your energy and the energies of others around you. I work as an Animal Communicator. I also pick up on the energy in your home or work place.

In my 38 years of practice as a Spiritual Advisor, I have been successful working with such issues as Animal Communication, Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Abuse, Low Self Esteem, Grief, and Loss of Power. I have assisted people in Finding True Love, Marriage, and New Jobs. Working with business people I often channel fresh ideas so that they achieve prosperity and success.

If my words resonate with you, please EXPLORE this website's offerings - to work with me privately, or learn at home with a spiritual class.

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