Are Miscarried Children in Spirit? By Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

Miscarried baby in angel wings

Having worked as a Spiritual Advisor and Clairvoyant for 40 years I personally have spent time in the spirit world through astral projection. Everything I talk about comes from personal experience and not from a teaching by someone else. I practiced as a clinical Naturopathic Doctor for ten years and gained great knowledge in the healing arts. Many of which I incorporate into my spiritual work. Over the years I have developed a system for people to communicate directly with their deceased loved ones and it’s called Guided Journey Into Spirit. Many of my clients have had incredible experiences going into the spirit world with me as their guide and I’ve learned so much from this

One of the most incredible experiences involved Linda who has been a client of mine for many years, but never before had she sought out answers from the spirit world.  She contacted me because she wanted to hear from her departed father and any other spiritual beings that wanted to connect with her. 

Linda did her part by meditating before our appointed time and having herself in a good place spiritually so that she was more receptive to the process of Hypnosis and Astral Projection.

Once Linda and I were connected by phone I did the Hypnosis to get her in a complete state of relaxations so that she could do the Astral Projection with me. I could feel that she was totally with me and together we entered the Spirit World. 

We walked along a path and we came upon a cottage where a guide was waiting at the front door and opened it for us to enter.  It was a lovely little cottage with a beautiful fireplace and a large sofa in front of the fireplace.  Linda sat down and shortly a male figure entered the front door and came stood before her.  It was her father.  I could tell from the way they embraced and started talking.  During this process I do not hear what is going on, I can only see as my purpose is to be the guide. 

When they had finished talking her father sat down on a chair in front of the sofa.  I then heard two children at the front door and the guide let them in.  They immediately went and sat next to Linda, one on each side of her. They appear to be around six or seven years old.  There was lots of talking, hugging and kissing.  I had no clue as to who they were.

There followed a few other spirits and one of her Guardian angels.  Each one sat and talked with her.  When all of the talking was finished they started dancing around arm in arm around the room. 

I knew when it was time for us to leave and I took her back through the process that we took to get into spirit and put her back into her body.  I told her it was best for her to sleep and we would talk the next day

The next day I called as I wanted to know what the experience was like for her.  She was overjoyed with everything that happened.  Apparently she got all the answers she needed from her father that she had wanted for so many years. 

Now comes the amazing part.  She told me that the two children that set next to her were the children that she had miscarried and that they wanted to meet with her and talk with her.  She said that it was the most incredible experience of her life.  She had no idea that they would show up and was basically blown away by the fact that they came.  

She said that she did go to sleep afterwards and that for the first time in years she slept all night without any medical drugs.  I spoke with her again a few days later and she said she still had the peaceful feeling from this experience.  Now that she has seen a place that is hers in spirit she can go back at any time and she says she finds herself going back and she just enjoys sitting in the little cottage and feeling the peace. 

I never know what is going to happen when I do a guided journey into the Spirit World and this was one of the most rewarding journeys I have ever done. It hit me how much a woman wants to connect with a child she miscarried. She never gets over the loss. There is emptiness for a woman that is hard to bare.  It’s important to remember we were a spirit before we came into a body and we become a spirit after we leave our body. The same applies for babies.

If you would like to go into spirit let me be your guide. I make sure that you are protected and the results are always remarkable.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie