Animal Communicator Cherokee Billie

May 03, 2019 3 Comments

Animal Communicator Cherokee Billie

All my life I have had animals as my friends - Ranging from cats to turtles.  With each pet I have found that they communicate quite effectively with me. Being a Spiritual Intuitive and Animal Communicator has come naturally to me from the time I can first remember.

Animals are great communicators. If you have had an animal friend in your life you may be quite aware of how much they can communicate without words. Animals demonstrate that they can read your mind and know what you are thinking before you ever make an action or say anything. The reason is quite simple, they are true psychics.

 Animals have incredible psychic/mystic abilities.  Let me explain why.

  • Have you ever sat in front of your door in anticipation of the arrival of someone you love fifteen minutes before they arrive?
  • Have you ever found yourself in unknown territory and walked thousands of miles home?
  • Does your behavior change before an earthquake or hurricane?
  • Do you know what is in a can before it is opened?
  • Do you know what someone is thinking about eating before they open the refrigerator?
  • Can you communicate using telepathy?
  • Can you read a human or animals mind?

You may not have had these experiences but many animals do. This is why I call them genuine psychic/mystics.

It is easier to communicate with an animal that has passed on then it is to communicate with a human in spirit.  Animals can go between the spirit world and our third dimension world much easier than departed humans.

They are around their pet owners after they pass because they want them to know they care and they want to take care of them - their parents.  Often they are there to teach any new pets what their human likes.

Animals are always open to communicating with me because they have now connected with someone who becomes their voice and they are very happy to at last be heard.

Doing a Spiritual Reading on an animal that is Alive is no different than doing a reading for a human. I’m able to communicate with the animal and I hear or sense what they have to say.

Most people just want to know what is going on in their relationship with their animal.  Often people contact me when their pet is seriously ill to find out if their pet is ready to go into spirit.  I always get an answer from their beloved little baby and I give it to the people as well as grief counseling. 

Animal Energy Healing.  Animals are incredibly sensitive and will pick up healing energies very quickly.  During this session I feel the pet’s energy and I’m able to work with their Energy System to bring about balance in their energy field.  This is important for their well being and they receive energy healing so easily.

In my Animal Communication Readings I connect you with the higher self of your animal, and you learn from each other. It is not necessary for me to be with you or your animal’s physical presence in order to communicate with your pet.  I am connecting with your animal spiritually.  That transcends all time and space and dimensions.

You can learn a lot about telepathy by observing your animals and having direct communication with them.

For over 3 decades I have worked as an Animal Communicator.  I talk to animals living and I connect to those who are deceased.  I have communicated with deceased pets from goldfish to horses.  I enjoy using my Spiritual Intuitive abilities for communicating with animals as it gives so much comfort to the pet parent and I love all the beautiful animals that I get to connect with.

I have found in my life that my pet’s journey mirrors my own journey. Many times they have been my guide through incredible situations.  It’s important to get in touch with your own intuition as this is going to help you with the emotional connection between you and your pet. Enhanced intuition helps us develop our telepathic communication.

In Native American Medicine, animals always are our instructors.  They are spirit guides that show us parts of ourselves that we did not know existed.  Animal beings emulate our abilities, talents, and challenges. They are here for us to learn from and become enlightened and walk the sacred path as our spirit guides on Mother Earth. 

If you have lost a precious pet let me Contact Them and tell you how they’re doing in the spirit world.  This is the one service in my business that I do really love because it brings so much comfort to the human parent.

Let me help you connect with your Living Pet Spiritually. It helps with animal behavior, letting the animal and human know what each other expects of each other. It can also affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of your pet and your own self.

Remember Animals Are The Pure Essence of Love!

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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Laura Dryer
Laura Dryer

July 01, 2021

WOW!!!! I just had an animal reading with Cherokee Billie for my cat Little Red who has been sick, Cherokee Billie is amazing and out of this world!!! The reading was profound and powerful and I could feel the healing energy as she worked on my cat an me!!!! The insights are extremely helpful and Little Red is showing signs of relief from her painful tooth that is causing her medical issues…I’m looking forward to doing another session to help my cat heal after the dentist… Cherokee Billie is spectacular!!!!!!!


August 22, 2019

Billie is very accurate. She was able to alleviate some of the grief I am processing. She knew exactly what Gizzy was going through and was able to clear up other issues I was uncertain about. If you are grieving over the loss of your pet I highly recommend a session with her. You won’t be disappointed and will marvel at how everything she communicates resonates with your pet. She really does connect.

Indra Singh
Indra Singh

May 13, 2019

I recently lost my beloved friend, loyal companion and teacher. My cat Faith passed on Easter Sunday 2019. The grief is so much I started looking for answers and came across Cherokee Billie. After reading and listening to her posting, I made and appointment to speak with her.
The first thing she said that Faith had the spirit of a wolf. Interestingly a few days prior to speaking to Ms. Billie I got up that morning at 5:30 and when downstairs, there was a lot of barking and howling going on.
I turned on the lights……did not see anything. I don’t live in a rural or deep country area, 30 minutes from the city. Ms. Billie went on to tell me that my angel said mealtime was very special to him. I cooked for him every morning and evening for fourteen years.

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