Need Protection? Contact Archangel Michael!

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the Mighty Angel of Strength, Courage and Protection whose name means ' He who is like God'. One of the seven more recognized Archangels he is a warrior. Known as the Prince of the Archangels he is the one that all other Archangels defer to. Michael has millions of legions of angels at his command. He appears dressed in brilliant blue armor, surrounded by electric blue and white light which flash in his aura looking alike to lightning.

By invoking Michael he will faithfully stand at your right side with his sword and shield, ever ready to guard and protect you, surrounding you with his deep blue cloak for both physical and spiritual protection.

Archangel Michael is the stable ruler and chief commander; he will empower you with will power, inner strength and initiative so you can move forward on your life's path. With Michael's help he can guide you to develop leadership qualities, strength and become more focused for personal success. Tasks can be accomplished effortlessly and without anxiety if you call on him for help.

Faith is Archangel Michael's twin flame, she helps with confidence or renewing your faith in yourself and faith in believing that your needs will be manifested. Ever ready to stand by your side, these two majestic Angels may merge into one or work as individual beings, Faith is a divine complement of Michael and both can offer us invaluable strength, faith, courage and support if we just ask.

Situated on the Blue aspect of the First Ray, they work together to bring forward those who can carry the sword of truth, with a strong sense of personal inner power to raise the vibrations of the world. Those closely connected to Archangel Michael bring through strength and power. This doesn't necessarily mean physically, in can be through a variety of ways, either through creativity, business, position of authority, spiritually or indeed any other way.

The divine qualities of the First Ray are Power, Energy of Will and Inner Drive and motivation which is connected to initiative and vitality, breaking down the old out dated thoughts and bringing in the new. The color of this Ray is always Blue and in all its different hues representing personal power. It is most powerfully beamed down to earth on a Tuesday. Those who express the qualities of this ray are almost always 'Born leaders' being at the head of their chosen profession moving forward with courage. 

If you ever feel afraid or in danger, call on this Mighty Archangel for he will always be at you side. Michael will protect not only people, or animals, he is also very pleased to be called for any sort of assistance. The Angels know that our lives on earth can be quite demanding and stressful at times, they offer their help to ease the bumpy ride for us, but again we must ask. Invoke Archangel Michael to protect your property, call on him to look after your home when you are away. Ask him to stand guard at the four corners of your home and he will be delighted to oblige. You can ask him to protect loved ones, or for him to place his deep blue cloak around them so all negative energy will simply slide away. Through unwavering dedication this beautiful angel defends our souls and cares deeply for us.

When Archangel Michael throws his power of protection around you, you are literally a force field of pure love that nothing can touch; he is truly an awesome Angel!

Invoking Archangel Michael

Asking for help is really all you need to do in whichever way you want! A particularly nice Travel decree would go something like this:

Archangel Michael

Help Me, Help Me, Help Me!

Cutting Cords

When we have a close connection with others, either on an emotional level or physical, whether that be through romance, friendship or the opposite such as disagreement, or negative attack. It is important to remember that spiritual cords are formed within these bonds. We can form cords to our homes, pets, work, memories, anything that involves our own energy, be that positive or negative.

When we separate from anything that we have formed an energy bond with we may separate on a physical level but the spiritual cords are still firmly attached unless we release them. They are the cords that bind us to the other person, object, memory or situation and can tie us up in dependency, ill-health and unhappiness.

Invoke Archangel Michael to cut the cords of your energy attachments to the past by using his mighty sword and giving you the strength and courage to move forward on your path. You will feel much relief, lighter and it can have a dramatic influence on every area of your life. Simply visualize Michael cutting the cords with his sword, see him transmuting the negative energy and attachments then let Michael do the rest.

Spiritual Retreat

All of the Archangels have a spiritual retreat in the higher realms. Archangel Michael and his Twin Flame Faith's is said to be located in the realm of light over the powerful physical location ‘Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies', the retreat is called The Temple of Faith and protection.

Archangel Michael and the Chakras

Archangel Michael and Faith are associated with the Throat Chakra, the centre of communication. They can help by strengthening and purifying this chakra leading to deeper communication, balanced expression and aid in mastering all qualities of the blue ray. Call upon Michael to balance this chakra and visualize his sapphire blue rays infusing with this chakra. Archangel Michael is ruled by the Sun and his element is Fire. Scents associated with him are Frankincense, Chamomile, Sage and Rosemary.

Michael will always be there for your protection all you have to do is ask.

If you would like help on learning how to connect with Archangel Michael Contact Me and I can help you with this life changing process.