What Your Deceased Pet Wants You To Know After Life!

December 26, 2016 6 Comments

What Your Deceased Pet Wants You To Know After Life!

I know you are an animal lover like I am. Throughout my entire life my closest relationships have been with animals. Long before I understood my abilities I was able to communicate telepathically with all of my animals starting from the age of three.

I've had everything from turtles, dogs, cats, birds, mice, as my companions. Each one holds a special place in my heart.

This time 30 years ago my precious little dog Lady was dying of cancer and passed on January 1.  I have been reliving that whole experience in my head these past few days so I know how people feel about losing their pets.  

Many people contact me who are saddened by the loss of their beloved pet. I thought that it would be helpful for you to know what your pet wants you to know after their passing.

In my video I outline the main points your beloved pet wants you to know from the other side. Take a few moments and watch this video to learn more about your baby on the other side.  The good news is when your time comes and you cross the rainbow bridge you will be reunited with your beloved baby.

Your dog, your cat, your bird - chose you, as the one who would make them feel the most loved and bring them the most comfort and joy while they were here. And you did.

Your pet wants you know that you were and are the perfect parent.

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Do You Need Help Communicating With Your Pet?  

Let me connect you with your deceased or living pet today! As an intuitive I offer distance sessions, by phone, in which I can connect to pets both living and deceased! Over the years I have communicated with everyone from horses to hamsters and it’s been a real pleasure to talk to these lovely beings. Learn more about my Services Here.  Be sure and sign up for my newsletter so that you receive the newest information from me on a regular basis. Also subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

6 Responses

Paula Lennon
Paula Lennon

February 10, 2020

❤️ ❤️❤️ Our lil Jin transitioned 5 days ago…we had him 15 yrs + .Bawling everyday…missing Jin so bad I felt like I was about to have a heart attack over his loss, seriously, as Jin was everything to our family…and I do mean everything. I went searching for pet transitioning so I can learn about Jins existence. I came across Cherokee Billie’ YouTube channel…had a real great relaxed n amazing reading…one of my ? Was answered the way she said it would 🙏🏽…Jin was definitely here with me n kitty.🤲..I feel so much better tonight…the tightness in my chest is being released….I’m looking forward to the better days ahead when our grief melts away with the dawning of wonderful sights of Jin just knowing we will always be together…🙏🏽🆙

Rebecca Brannan
Rebecca Brannan

September 23, 2019

Continuing experience, like I said, I now have this feeling of a little pressure up against my leg and movement stops. I’m thinking omg 😲what’s happening, am I going nuts. I had finally ruled out every possible thing, cause, etc, why this was happening. The next afternoon I had horrible migraine, I’m the queen of migraines, I rushed home to turn on a/c, pull my blackouts, and crawl into bed. Just as I settled in a comfortable position and my room very darkened I felt the small plunge upon my bed.
Not even wanting to deal with this at all right now, I let it so it’s things and paid close attention. Again pitter patter up and down both sides of me, around my feet and plop across the top of my feet and stayed there. I thought ok. I woke about 2 hours later feeling better, I rolled to the side and in the darker room but still very little light there it was! OMG NO WAY can’t be. But there she was. A full apparition, it was BO BO sitting on the pillow next to me just looking at me. No, I didn’t take any medication. She was transparent gray, I reached out to pet the top of her head and she remains there, felt like I was letting air of course duh, but when I put my fingers towards her mouth she kicked them and I felt it, I talked to her as I always did before, plus a few more new things, right. Then she just vanished.
Ok, now I’ve always believed that there are hauntings, spirits of sorts, but this was actually happening to me, who’s going to believe me? Most people are going to think I’m a nut! I decided to tell my mate of 30 plus years, his reaction? 😏 kinda like yeah well. He knows I’ve cried off and on for over a year for the loss of my 2 pets, and respectfully tried to understand, but each episode he tells me your asking me to believe in something I can’t see, can’t touch, can’t hear, but you show me anything you can. Uh okay. 💡I went online to find any information I could on photographing apparitions. Lol wow didn’t look to difficult, WRONG. Ive taken dozens of photos with different setting, hdr, flash, video, rapid photos, mirrors. Now mirrors I pick up a rather off photo, it was a total mistake, but I was on my deck with large mirror, don’t ask it will take to long 😂 felt BO BO presents on the deck started taking snap shots, one I find interesting is taken in the mirror, it’s a photo of my neighbors deck across from me, she also has large sliding glass door, in that I see a cat, but not BO BO, in the far corner, strange place way to high for anything without a ladder, and she has no cat! BIZZAR.
OK friends another late night there is a lot more you’ll never guess what happens it’s unbelievable I’ll be back tomorrow, please send any comments hope my experience helps somebody else.

Rebecca Brannan
Rebecca Brannan

September 22, 2019

My cat Bo Bo died in my arms last year. 3 days later I woke up to find my 13 year old sheltie (Meggie) non responsive, ultimately ending up having the horrible decision of ending her life. I was devastated, I thought, my gosh who does this happen to! Both my kids die in the same week😭. I’ve always had a pet in my life since I was a child, then I’m so lost.
Now little over a year has past still no pet in my life, well in a matter of speaking listen to this. One afternoon I was napping on my bed fan blowing in high, remember it being hot, felt like something was moving under my bed or on my bed? Wasn’t sure. Even began to think I had nice in my box spring 😵 this was going on every time I got into bed, thought maybe the fan? NO. Finally one night it was a much stronger feeling as if something was trying to get my attention, well it did. The minute I get into bed and settle, I feel this small plop, just like I would feel of the cat jumped on the bed, it would roam around my feet up my sides get comfortable and small plop up against my leg. I FREAKED! but stayed still…. It’s getting late if your enjoying my experience so far leave comments. I’ll be continuing my experience tomorrow you won’t believe it.

Ninette Lancret
Ninette Lancret

December 06, 2018


Natalie Singh
Natalie Singh

May 06, 2018

My my baby 🐕die couple of days now and I can’t see or hear anything like when he is around. I miss him so much 😭what should I do

Ida thomas
Ida thomas

January 09, 2018

Some of my pets still come and visit me, I decided to accept my fur babies as they are in spirit and they come more often. My Tigger has been showing up in my dreams and is shape-shifting, Coming as a mountain lion,most likely because I always called him my “gentle giant”. He always was a joker and loved everyone. He blew to my home on a hurricane covered in mud as a kitten, without a scratch on him. He left suddenly when some misguided people threw poison into the yards of my neighborhood. Many people lost their pets that day. At 2:am I could hear his call in my mind as I got up and opened the door and called him, he was in trouble and as soon as I looked at him, I was seeing myself through his eyes coming towards him, not until I touched him did my sight return to normal. While on the floor in the kitchen his body collapsed and I saw his spirit in the corner looking confused. I got him to the vet as fast as I could but the poison had shut down his kidneys. Many people lost their pets that day. But Tigger, Mamma, and Purr still come and visit me, they are energy now and I make a point not to get sad when I feel them. Blessings

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