What is life like Across the Rainbow Bridge for Our Departed Pets?

May 10, 2024 5 Comments

What is life like Across the Rainbow Bridge for Our Departed Pets?

Have you ever found yourself pondering what life is like for your dearly departed pet(s) across the Rainbow Bridge?

Everything I present here comes from my own experiences of communicating with deceased pets, including my own, as well as from my journeys into the spirit world.

Animals and our human loved ones reside in a space where they are able to interact with each other while simultaneously being capable of observing and visiting us.

The best way to describe the other side “Heaven” or “across the Rainbow Bridge” is to imagine it as a world without life or death.

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All of the animals live in peace and harmony with each other paralleling the Bible passage about the lamb lying down with the lion.  There is no fighting as there is perfect peace.  They are provided with everything they need by their special guardian angels.  They have their own special little places to be.  They are not required to do anything except enjoy their spiritual life.  The vibration in the spirit world is so intense that you see objects shimmering with colors beyond our dimension.

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Your pet is right there having a wonderful time and is young and healthy once more.  Your pet knows your unconditional love and visits you frequently especially when you are mourning and crying.  

Your pet would love if you could see what a wonderful place he/she is at now. If you could see it through his/her eyes, you would cry for joy.  Talk to your pet and ask him/her to show you where he/she is.  You may see this in a dream, but trust that the spirit world is allowing you to see the beauty of life over the Rainbow Bridge.

While the Rainbow Bridge may seem far off, it really appears to be right here, just vibrating at a different frequency.

Many people have experienced being in this other world by dying and being able to come back to life.

Throughout my life my closest relationships have been with the animals.  I was always able to communicate with them and they can with me.  As my spiritual gifts developed, I found I was able to communicate with the deceased.  I first started out professionally communicating with departed human loved ones.  I then started communicating with departed pets and found this was more natural and easier for me.

One of the first channelings I did for someone was for their rabbit that had passed on.  I was amazed at how much the little rabbit communicated and how happy it made its human parent to know that she was well taken care of in the spirit world.

For the next several months, I would connect with animals that had deceased  and I discovered that living animals can communicate telepathically as well. Animals that have deceased are able to interact with our other animals who are deceased as well as our human loved ones in spirit. It does not matter if they never met in person.

9 years ago my beloved cat Isis passed and I went with her into spirit and we stood at the entrance of the Rainbow Bridge.  On the other side, I could see my father holding my little dog Julia that he had loved so much.  Isis had never met my father, but when she saw him she ran to him across the bridge and jumped into his other arm.  The three of them stood at the other side of the Rainbow Bridge looking at me as if to say we will be here when your time comes.

Animals that remain with us physically are able to see and interact with those who have passed. However, they will still mourn the loss of the physical presence even though they can connect with the departed animals’ spirit.

A dear friend of mine had a cat of hers pass away and she wanted to know if her other cats still saw him.  I asked her cat Roscoe if he missed the other cat Frankie.  Roscoe replied, “No because I still see him and talk with him.”

Some of the most common questions I am asked are as follows:

*Can my animals, who are still here, see my animals that have passed?

The answer is: Yes

*Can my animal come back to me through reincarnation and spend another life with me?

Usually the answer is no. It seems that our past loved ones wish to remain in spirit until we are able to join them. This allows everything to come full circle so that closure may be had by all parties involved. 

Animals are the pure essence of love and they do not have karmic debt to pay off. They do not usually come back and if they do we may not connect with them.  Many people will say that they are positive that their current pet is the reincarnation of their previous. 

Usually it is the deceased pet communicating to the new pet what they remember and what we, their parents, like and know.

Many times our past animals will however influence the behaviors of our new animals or ones that they left behind and we may catch little bits of their personality coming through. In other words, it is possible for a new animal to channel the behaviors of an animal that has passed.

Frequently I am asked if the animals that have passed will be jealous of any new animals that are brought into the household

Not at all.  What I hear is that your departed animals are happy when you are happy, and they do not want to deny another animal the joy of living with you. This is especially true with animals that were adopted from shelters and rescued from bad situations

Animals that have passed are capable of seeing, hearing and feeling anything and everything that we go through.

I am frequently asked “Does my animal still hurt?” As they leave the physical body behind, the spirit is pain-free. However they can experience emotional pain when they see our unhappiness because of their passing on. The more at peace we are with their passing the easier it is for them to be around us in spirit.

Many people I speak to feel responsible for the passing of their pet.  This is not true.  If you took your pet to the vet because of health issues and the vet tells you the pet needs surgery or some other treatment, you are choosing what is right at the moment.  If your pet passes during the procedure, they will not be angry or hold that against you because you were acting in good faith and you are doing what you thought was right to extend their life. What is truly important is what the intent was.

Sometimes people ask me if their moving away from the home that the animal was familiar with will cause them to stay behind in the old home or will they get lost trying to find your new home?

Once an animal passes they are as mobile as they wish to be and can cover vast distances with little or no effort. Connecting with you in your new home is not a challenge to them. They will not stay behind in your old home.

Euthanasia is often difficult for the parent of a pet.  No one wants to lose someone they love, but if your pet is suffering the right thing to do is let it go into spirit.  Do not feel guilty if you have to put your animal to sleep.  You have allowed them to be free again!  They are their healthy young selves in spirit and they will be thanking you for setting them free. 

Life across the Rainbow Bridge is beautiful and heavenly.  It is a part of heaven/spirit and there’s no way your pet could not be happy in this loving environment.  Remember they will be there to greet you when you pass over.  They will never forget you because you were the love of their life. 

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Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

5 Responses

Kristy Chetty
Kristy Chetty

October 29, 2020

Thank you so much for your post. I was devastated after my angel dog passed on. I feel at east now knowing that we will be together when I go to heaven. This is so comforting.

M Woods
M Woods

August 18, 2019

Thank you for your wonderful support through these articles, videos and and phone sessions. I cannot express enough the comfort you have given me for the passing of my Gizzy. God bless you Billie. 💕🐾🙏

Karen L
Karen L

December 10, 2018

Many pets have departed and none were ever easy, even from my teen years. But the most significant was an adopted cat I named Tux Bono, a furry little tuxedo who was part manx, part ‘ordinary’. But there was nothing ordinary about my little Tux. I knew our time together would come to an end, but the pain would last for years. You see, I left little Tux with Tracy, the ranch owner just before leaving Montana altogether.The departure was hard enough, but on that last car ride, Tux and I sat silently in the back seat before arriving at the Ranch. But we held our gaze silently and all I could see of my little Tux was him letting me know he would be fine in one final long look. Once the car door opened, my little Tux nimbly left the car and immediately climbed to the top pf the hay loft – new friends immediately with the litany of dogs and cats who lived there. I hardly had a chance to hug him he was so busy. Undeterred, I grabbed him and planted a kiss on his furry forehead. But lively little Tux wriggled away as he would have none of it. With an inaudible sigh, I had to be satisfied he was at home in his new Kitty (and Dog) friends.

Some months later I emailed Joyce – my friend and animal helper & rescuer still in Hot Springs Montana with all of her pets and animal refugess.We casually chatted for awhile – just to catch up – and finally, I took a deep a breath and mustered the courage to ask, ’How’s Tux?’

Without pausing too much, Joyce went on to tell me how Tracy just happened to see an interaction that took my breath away. Apparently Tux mistook a larger creature for a dog and he at once stood on his hind legs to greet the interloper. In only seconds, the Wolf grabbed Tux and this is where the story ends. Just sharing this years later, my eyes have welled up with tears and my breath has become raspy.. And no, you never forget the love you hold for all your little furry friends and you never forget the sparkle in their eyes when you are with them,.

Anne Denton
Anne Denton

November 29, 2018

After reading this amazing article, I feel at peace, knowing that my beautiful baby is happy and free. My lovely cat Miggy had to be put to sleep in July this year. She was twenty and although I knew I was doing the right thing for her, I still felt responsible for her death and it has weighed heavily on my heart ever since. Whilst reading the article I had a true sense of her unconditional love reaching out to me. I have a beautiful photo of my baby beside my bed so when I go to bed tonight and look at it, for the first time I’ll feel guilt free and be able to just feel the love we’ve shared for so long and still do. Thank you Billie for this wonderful article.

Janice Kenny
Janice Kenny

November 28, 2018

This post is very dear to me since I moved from New York, where I lived all my life, moving to Florida in 2006 which & is a nightmare for me, I brought with me 4 cats Sabrina, Christopher, Baby & Fantasia my three dogs were Damion, Samantha, & Madison. my cats were 23 years of age & my dogs range from 13 to 18. the only dog I have left from my New York home is Madison who is 18 & failing, my animals could not climate here in Florida & died one right after the other, when they left they took a piece of my heart never ever to be replaced, my animals are my heart, they were & are the only thing that ever put a smile on my face. I try to believe, being a Christian, that there is another world after we pass but it is hard. I do so wish to see my animals after I pass & my Mom, & my family that I have lost but I am not always a firm believer, in the afterlife, I need proof, a sign something to let me know it is real. I did enjoy the article & do so want to believe it is all true, that what we are taught, & there is a better place cause for sure, anything has to be better than the world we live. Thank you, Billie, for the article. I did enjoy reading it.

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