I Am a Reluctant Psychic Medium by Cherokee Billie

Cherokee Billie

Most people know about psychic mediums thanks to such famous ones such as James Van Pragg and John Edwards. Nowadays there is program after program on television about psychic mediums.  The good part is this is bringing validation to communication/channeling the deceased.  Unfortunately many people think that every psychic can do this.  All Psychic mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are Psychic mediums.

I’m here to tell you my story about being a psychic medium.  I never knew I could channel the deceased until my father died and he immediately started communicating and manifesting his presence to me. Working as a psychic helped me hone the skill of communicating with the deceased.

I came into this world as an old soul.  Growing up as an only child I spent a great deal of time alone. My parents both worked and I was a latch key kid in the 50’s, so I was alone the majority of the time as my parents did not want me to have friends over because they were afraid something might happen and they trusted me to be alone.  From the first time I can remember I could hear what people were saying even if they were silent. For me it just seemed normal. I did not delve into why this was happening because there really was no one I could ask and it seemed so natural. I started doing psychic readings when I was quite young about twelve years old. I would do it for my friends. For me being in the spiritual dimension is natural. I realize now as an adult that not everybody lives in different dimensions. There are many who do and many who do not.

10 years ago I could do channeling quite easily, but 4 years ago I had a shift in my health and when it occurred I found that I could not channel as easily as before and that it caused me to have more health problems when I tried. For me the enormous energy it takes to do channeling has become more than I can handle.   I have been known for many years as a psychic medium and decided that I would have to raise my rates for channeling because of what it took out of me.  I found that I did not like doing it any longer no matter what the financial gain was.  It truly is not about money for those that think it is.  Channeling is so difficult to do that if it was easy anyone would be able to do it.  You either have the gift or you do not, in my opinion it’s that simple. 

Channeling deceased pets is not the same as communicating with deceased humans.  It does not drain my energy.  They do not have as many blockages and it’s much easier for them to come out of spirit and visit and communicate.  I still channel deceased and communicate with living pets.  I will always enjoy that.  I don’t think you can find purer love then with an animal.  That’s all they came here for was to show us what love is.

Yes, I do have the gift. I no longer desire to communicate with deceased humans other than messages I receive from my departed loved ones. I never try to channel my parents, I find they come with messages when it is needed and I accept that.  And that’s why I call myself I reluctant psychic medium.

I understand that when you lose someone you love you want to know that they are fine and happy in spirit. Usually people are in so much grief that no matter what the answer they get, from their deceased loved one, it is not enough because they expect their loved ones to talk to them just like they did when they were in a body. As a spirit communication is much different. It comes in signs, brief flashes, words or phrases, or physical manifestation.

I stopped channeling 4 years ago because I have found a better and gentler approach to communicating with a deceased loved one, Spirit Guides and even Angels, which I call Guided Journey into the Spirit World. I use this method over the traditional channeling because it is more effective then channeling a deceased loved one, because you can see your departed loved one personally and have a conversation with them without a third party involved.  Of course this requires you to be in a spiritual state of mind.  You already have the connection and with my guidance you will be able to make direct contact.

I have developed this incredible process through years of doing astral projection into the spirit world. I call it, “Guided Journey into the Spirit World.” (You can read about my experiences in other articles such as After Life, Jamie’s Journey into Spirit, and Meeting Miscarried Children in Spirit.) First off it is guided because I take you into a deep relaxed state, which many people have difficulty doing even practicing meditation.  There is nothing to fear as you are gently guided into quieting your body, mind, and spirit, and this allows you to open up your crown chakra at the top of your head where in lays your spiritual self. Throughout this process you are always conscious and remember everything that happens.  I do this process by telephone where you are able to be in a relaxed comfortable place in your home and you are aware of your surroundings, which allows you to go into this meditation peacefully, because afterwards its best to go to sleep and most people want to because they are so relaxed. Sleeping after this process allows further information from spirit to come through to you.

Everyone that I have taken on this spiritual journey has come out with an incredible experience. It is definitely life changing and I think far better than having a medium give you answers from your loved ones, because in this journey you talk to your loved ones face to face. In my opinion you cannot beat that. Click Here For More Information On A Guided Journey Into The Spirit World.

I also have an audio mp3 class on How to Channel the Deceased.  If you follow the instructions and study it you could possibly directly communicate with your loved one.  Learn More Here.

I love working as a spiritual advisor and psychic answering questions on love, relationships, taking people on a journey into the spirit world, angels, the spirit world, business, past life regression, and career. None of these causes an energy drain on me. So remember not every psychic wants to do channeling. Some cannot do it and others, I myself, have found it to be far to draining.

I offer so many other services that can help you learn how to connect with spirit, which I believe is far better for the client to learn how to connect with spirit then relying upon another person. My main focus is teaching and that’s why I prefer being called a spiritual advisor. Even when I do readings I always end up teaching. This approach seems more helpful for people.  As they are able to find their own pathway.

So now you understand why I call myself a reluctant psychic medium. Take some time and read all of my different services on my website and you will see that I offer an enormous amount of services.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie