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Cherokee Billie Native American psychic
When Did You First Begin Doing Spiritual Readings?

My gifts have been with me since birth and made themselves known at an early age.  I started seeing Auras around people when I was fifteen years old.  I had no idea what Auras were, but I could see colors around people.  Through metaphysics I would learn what it was I had been seeing all that time.

I began my spiritual quest in the late 1970s and studied in a metaphysical school.  I gave my first official psychic reading in 1983 and have been using my gifts since then.  

How Do You Work With Someone Who Is Of A Particular Faith/ Path / Tradition?

It is each person's right and responsibility to discover and walk their own Path. I honor and respect all Paths, believing that any sincere Path leads to the same Source. I work with clients that adhere to a particular religion or path from within the framework of that religion or path, if this is their desire.

I am an Interfaith Minister with a universal approach. Because of my passion for all things spiritual and my quest to know and understand The Creator as fully as possible I have spent much of my life studying world's religions, traditions, wisdom paths, and metaphysics. My ongoing studies and Spiritual gifts combine to help me work with people from varying religious or spiritual backgrounds.

In my practice, I have the utmost respect for the individual and their personal Path. I consider my work one of the greatest blessings of my life.

Do You Do Spiritual Readings For Pets?

Yes, I have done psychic readings for pets.  It’s easy for me to connect to pets living and those that have passed over. I speak with them over the phone and always get reactions that surprise the parents. I have read pets from hamsters to horses.

Do You Help With Hauntings/Poltergeists/Paranormal Investigations?

I have assisted many people in identifying energies in their homes or around them which they believe to be Hauntings or poltergeists. I have also led in house/space cleansings.

Do You Use Spritual Tools?

No. My answers come to me through images and hearing directly from my Angels, Spirit Guides, and the Great Spirit.

Do You Offer Dream Interpretation?

Yes.  This is one of my specialties and a service I regularly offer.

Do you help with health problems?

I am a doctor of Naturopathic medicine and I offer advice on diet, nutrition, exercise and supplements. Naturopathic practice includes many different modalities such as: nutrition, supplements, physical medicine (includes osseous and soft tissue manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, sports medicine, exercise and hydrotherapy). I do not diagnose problems.  That is best left to your medical doctor. 

What is your favorite area of work?

I love teaching spirituality.  To help a person get in touch with their higher self and getting their own answers is one of the greatest joys of my life.  I have found that this work opens up spiritual doors for my clients in accelerated Time.  After our classes together my clients report back to me that they suddenly start seeing things very clearly in their life.  I consider this the greatest work that I do.

Do you believe in Life After Death?

The survival of the soul and the possibility of spirit communication form a part of my spiritual beliefs. Through my own personal experiences with deceased loved ones and been able to astral project into the spirit world I have seen that is much more alive than the third dimension.

What about free will?

The future is not set and is subject to free will. I see the potential future and will help guide you to find the best path forward.

If your gift is from God why do you charge?

Yes, I charge for my services as this is work and paying is a form of an energy exchange. You would not have heard of me if it was not for the fact that I have a website, the Internet, and a place to work from. Unless a psychic is on television and/or selling out events to thousands of people, no psychic or medium I have ever met (and I know hundreds) is getting rich off their gift. In fact, most psychics could work a lot less at a "normal" job and earn more money, especially considering all their expenses as a self-employed business owner.

Are Your Abilities Of The Devil? / What Does God Think Of This Spiritual Business?

My response to this question is, "If you really feel the need to ask me that, then you probably should not be seeking the services of a Spiritual Advisor/Psychic.

My abilities are not of the devil.  In fact, I consider them to be gifts from God/The Creator and I use them to serve God/The Creator as I am guided to do so. The blessings I have received throughout my years of service have shown me how God views my work


Be aware that not everything is meant to be known. There are reasons for everything, and sometimes spirit will not reveal its plan until the time is right. For that reason there are some answers you may not be shown, yet.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Cherokee Billie is an author of the memoir “Heavenly Seduction.” She is the publisher of a free weekly newsletter that presents solutions to life's issues through the lens of self-help, wisdom, philosophy and spirituality.  In addition, Cherokee Billie is a Life Strategist, an Expert Author, a Radio Personality, a Naturopathic Doctor, and an Ordained Minister leading people to a pathway to spiritual enlightenment.