Your Pet Is Spiritually Communicating With You! By Cherokee Billie

Your Pet Is Spiritually Communicating With You!

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Pets have amazing abilities to communicate with their Pet Parent using telepathy.  They do this when they are living and they will still communicate when they have passed on.

Your precious pet is not only your best friend, but your confidant and baby.  When it is their turn to pass this relationship does not end or change.

Your beloved pet often becomes your spirit animal guide from the other side.  Often you will catch glimpses of them or they may come into your dreams.  No matter what they are always close to you even if you can’t sense, see or feel them they are with you.  Trust that their spirit lives on and does communicate and visit with you.

Sometimes a person will sense their deceased pet around them.  They might feel them jumping up on the bed, hear them making sounds, the jingle of their collar or sense them walking around.  These experiences can happen long after your pet has passed.  I personally have had a dog of mine that passed over 30 years ago suddenly appear walking down the hallway in my new apartment.  It was like she was checking to see where I’m at and if this was a good place.

These are the most common signs from a departed pet.

These are natural signs, but what do you do if you want to spiritually communicate with your pet and they haven’t died yet?

What about a pet that is currently living?  Are they trying to communicate with you?  Yes they are and some of you can pick up what they are saying and some don’t.

Their communication is on a spirit level using telepathic communication.  They are far more advanced than we are in that they can instantly communicate telepathically whereas we as humans have to work to learn how to do that.

How Pets Spiritually Communicate With Their Human Parents

Have you ever been occupied and suddenly a happy image of your little pet keeps popping into your mind?  Your pet is trying to get your attention.  They want you to know that they’re thinking of you.

Pet’s mission on this planet is to bring joy and happiness to us humans.  You could call it their soul path.  They want you to know they are thinking of you.

One of the most incredible communications I have had with one of my pet babies came from my cat Isis.  One morning about 6:30 AM I heard a voice calmly in clearly say to me, “There is someone in the house.” When I opened my eyes Isis was on my chest with her face right at mine.  I immediately turned on the close circuit cameras and saw the intruder.  I was able to scare them off by shouting into the intercom system.  I couldn’t believe what had happened that day and even now many years later it still amazes me.  It shows how much my precious cat Isis was taking care of me.

Our pets do consider it part of their mission in this life to take care of us.  We think we’re taking care of them when in reality it’s the other way around.

Pet signals

Have you ever been occupied and had a feeling that something was wrong with your pet?  Has your pet ever been at the vet’s and you start to feel that something is not right.  That is your little pet communicating to you spiritually through telepathic methods.  They are using their energy to call you.  They don’t need a cell phone like we humans do.

What to do if this happens

Immediately Respond!  First and foremost communicate with your mind and they will pick up what you are saying telepathically.  Send them calm energy.  If they are at the vet’s office call immediately.  Keep sending those calming messages with your mind as they will receive them. 

Your pet will always let you know if there is a problem and keep your telepathic antenna on alert.  Your pet will contact you telepathically when there is an emergency.  They can do it.  You may not have been able to tune into them, but remember they are always sending messages to you.  It takes a bit of concentration and increasing your intuitive self, but you can start hearing and sensing messages from your pet.

If you are like me you probably sing special songs to your pet.  If you haven’t think of a song that reminds you of them or maybe make up one of your own.

Singing is a powerful form of communication that animals respond to.  I’ve had this happen with all of my pets from parakeets to dogs and cats.  With each one I’ve had a special song that they resonate to.

Singing is a method of communicating love and it’s the only language that does not need an interpretation.

If your pet has passed on you can still sing a song to them.  I had a dog named Lady back in the seventies and eighties.  I always sang to her the song Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix.  A few years after her passing I was in my car and that song came on the radio and I just broke down crying remembering her.  I’m sure it was her way of saying hello.  Music touches the soul more than anything else.

If you are grieving over the loss of a pet, songs can be a great release as well as helping you connect to their spirit.  Remember if the song suddenly comes to your mind it is your pet communicating.  They want you to be happy and they are bringing up good memories.

I hope this has helped you understand some of the ways that your pets are communicating with you.

Pay attention to the body language and the vocalization of your pet as that will tell you many things that is going on with them and what they feel about you.  Remember you are number one to them and nobody else will ever replace you in their life. 

Even if your pet is deaf they still can pick up your telepathic messages.  Just like your beloved pet that is crossed over will still get your messages.  Never stop communicating with them.

It is possible to communicate with any living being.  That is what I do in my spiritual pet readings.  If you would like to know more about what your pet has to say to you, be it living or deceased contact me, and I will help you.  I find communicating with animals to be the most rewarding work that I do.

Your pet is always communicating and it’s just learning how to intercept their messages. 

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie