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Email Spiritual Reading Questions

I was born with a gift of being highly sensitive,  clairvoyant, and empathic.  When I do an e-mail reading for you I am using all of these gifts.  I do not use Tarot or Oracle Cards.  The messages I receive come from spirit.  You will find these answers very detailed.

I do ask questions because it helps me to tune in to you quickly.  Otherwise I would have to charge a lot more and I try to keep my costs as reasonable as possible.  Your picture is extremely important.  Please make sure I can see your face clearly and you do not have sunglasses on.

I look forward to being of service to you. 

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Email Spiritual Readings- Perfect For International Clients.

 ***ALL email readings are done personally by Cherokee Billie.

***Email readings are NOT done by a computerized Program.

***Answers will be received in writing within 72 hours.

***Please complete the questions below for E-mail Reading


Required Information For Your Email Reading.

Please Send Me This Information Immediately After Purchase.

  • Your Full Name
  • Birth Date
  • Full Name Of The Person You Are Involved With.  If You Are Not Involved With Someone Please Indicate That.
  • What Is Your Number One Concern In Your Life?
  • Describe your personality
  • Birth Date of Your Love Interest, if applicable.
  • Current Relationship.  When Did You Meet?
  • Are You Dating Now?
  • Are There Any Problems With The Relationship?
  • Any Other Details You Would Like To Share.
  • Please Send A Picture Of You And If Applicable Of Your Love Interest.
  • List your 1 to 4 questions.  Your question must be specific and not general.

Please Note That You Will Receive Answers Based On How Many Questions You Paid For.

If You Pay For One Question Please Do Not Put Sub-Categories Under The Question. Each Question Has To Be Paid For Individually.

I Appreciate Your Cooperation.

Send Answers to:



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