Premium Spiritual Services

This Premium Service is ideal for when your life is going through a great deal of changes and you need guidance, direction, and healing.

What I offer in this Special Service is the following based on your needs:

  • Balance Your Chakras
  • Remove Negative Energies
  • Clear Out Your Spirit
  • Spiritual Housecleaning
  • Answer Your Questions
  • Private Class and Instruction

This Session Can Be Recorded If You Desire and Sent To You Afterwards for Only $10.00. 

When you book a Spiritual Phone Reading be prepared to come out feeling rejuvenated and armed with the tools and techniques you need to change your life.  I Use Skype for International Calls

Client Testimony
"Thank you Billie, You truly have a gift.  I feel secure and confident in your knowledge.  Thank you for helping me see my potential and learning even more about myself and this journey. I got a lot of work to do.  And I am forever grateful for you advice and lessons you share. I will keep you posted how our talk goes.  I feel you are right.  Probably the best way for it to go is we try and see where it leads us then just to let go. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Debra"

*Schedules are customized. Once you have submitted your payment call (786)-375-434 or e-mail me with a date/time for your reading as soon as possible.  All readings are done based on Eastern Time Zone. I Use Skype for International Calls

Payments will be processed immediately, please allow up to 6 hours for email confirmation of date/time of appointment