How to Survive The Loss of a Pet By Cherokee Billie

How to Survive The Loss of a Pet

This is your video manual on Surviving The Loss Of a Beloved Pet and Dealing With Your Grief.

Losing a beloved pet is just as hard, and for some even harder, than losing a human family member. On top of the grief you feel over the loss of your pet, you also have to deal with a culture that doesn’t understand your heartfelt deep grief.

As an animal communicator, I’ve spent countless hours with animals currently going through the dying process as well as animals that have already crossed over.  I have worked on comforting many pet parents over this tremendous loss.  Animals have taught me a different view of the Other Side. A view that I feel honored to know as it not only helps me understand why animals do the things they do around death, but it also helps me to ease the pain for others who are going through this.

In this Animals and Life After Death video manual, I share with you 7 of the most helpful things that animals have taught me about the animal afterlife.  You will find comfort from watching this video manual.  I am available for animal communication and energy healing.  Find Out More Here.

Be Blessed,
Cherokee Billie


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