Love – Is it Meant to Be?

Having counseled thousands of people over the years on the subject of love I have compiled all that I have learned into this E-Book. So many people are searching for that right person and it has become a difficult quest in today’s modern world. I share with you teachings that will help you find love. I will e-mail this Ebook to you ASAP


  1. If You Want To Ruin A Relationship-Keep Texting!
  2. Why Doesn't He Call Me?
  3. Is Your Soul Mate Out There?
  4. Recovering From the End of a Relationship
  5. How to Light the Fire in Your Relationship
  6. Real Relationships Require Real Life
  7. Tips for a Rewarding Internet Dating Experience
  8. See Your Value Rise in the Dating Game!
  9. Sex is a Spiritual Gift
  10. Free Will of Love
  11. Women Are You a Mystery to Your Man?
  12. What Not to do on a First Date
  13. Have You Heard The Word Is Love?
  14. What is Real Love?


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