Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

 I am offering a Private Group Class, in which, I will teach you techniques to increase your intuitive/psychic self so that you can better your life.

What You Will Learn?

  • How to Increase Your Personal Energy Fields
  • Ways to Increase Clairvoyance -Seeing With Your Third Eye
  • You will be able to contact your angels and guides for spiritual advice
  • Learn to protect yourself from being spiritual attacked from negative people or energies
  • Learn to recognize the hidden ulterior motives of others.
  • The Tools that will assist you to increase your intuition

The Spirit World vibrates at a high frequency and you will learn to tune into that frequency.  

This Class is set for Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, 7:00 PM Central Time, 5:00 PM Pacific Time.  The class will be held by phone and recorded.  You will receive the recording afterwards. 

This Class Is Limited To 4 People Only! 

So book your reservation now by purchasing this Intuitive Class for the low amount of $88.00.



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