How to Channel a Deceased Loved One Audio mp3

In this Audio mp3 Download I teach you the techniques for communicating with a deceased loved one.  This is a one hour fifty minute class that you can play over and over as I teach a small select group how to connect with their deceased loved ones. I will e-mail This Audio Download to you ASAP

This is a remarkable experience and is extremely helpful as many people feel a great sense of loss during the holidays and hearing from a loved one can change the mood from sad to glad.

Read This Testimony From One Of The Participants In The Live Class.

“Tonight was so empowering!!!  To be connected with you and others in an informative, sharing venue on channeling our departed loved ones' souls was an extraordinary opportunity

The more we shared, the more I wanted to hear.  Grieving, and yearning for contact with, our departed loved ones is a lonely, painful path that leaves us with more questions than answers.  

How comforting to not have to pioneer this uncharted territory alone!

Sharing on this uniquely private level of suffering breathes hope into traversing "the Great Mystery" we all, one day, have to face.  It brings fresh insights and skillfulness to a place where -- until now -- fear, silence, and endless unanswered questions loomed large

Thank you for making this happen tonight and, above all, thank you for being you...

Sincerely, Joanie”

What I Do In This Audio Is:

  • Go over the ways that your loved ones attempt to communicate with you
  • Teach you techniques to start developing communication with your loved ones
  • Answer your questions about channeling
  • I give you the spiritual tools for you to communicate with your loved one.

You can have communication to someone that you have lost in this class I will give you the tools to help you.  

I also do private channeling if you desire as well as Private Classes

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