A Mother’s Words From Beyond!

May 06, 2019

A Mother’s Words From Beyond!

The Channeled Message About The Crystal Punch Bowl.

I would like to share an experience that I had  while working with a client recently. Cindy contacted me and asked for me to channel her mother two days after her passing into spirit.  I never know when I start connecting to a deceased spirit what might happen. 

Cindy had contacted me previously for a Spiritual Reading and needed information on how to help her mother pass into spirit.  I was able to give her the much needed information, and her mother passed quite peacefully. 

The connection with her mother had already been established, and it was easy for me to reconnect with her.  When a person dies, their spirit is still attached to the earthly plane for seven days and that is when it is easiest to channel messages.  It is quite common for the deceased to want to communicate quickly with their loved ones after their passing.  It is often hard for the loved one to be able to hear and except the messages from their departed loved one because of their grief.

Cindy and I arranged a time when I could be on the telephone with her.  I spent about 30 minutes prior to the call connecting to her mother.  By the time Cindy and I were on the phone, messages were coming through strongly from her mother.  Cindy wanted to know if her mother was at peace, and, of course, she was. 

Her mother was talking quickly, and I could not deliver the answers as fast as I was receiving them.  Her mother then started speaking slowly and said, “Tell Cindy the following: I want her to get the crystal punch bowl and place it on the table.”

Cindy was shocked and said, “What does this mean? I know the crystal punch bowl she is talking about.”  I told her to wait and let the rest of the message come through. 

It was the most unusual thing I had ever heard from a spirit, and I was intrigued as to what would be revealed.

Next her mother said, “I want her to fill the bowl with water.  Then I want her to take her finger and dip it into the water.  Tell her to take her finger and run it around the top of the bowl to hear the sound.  That is my way of letting her know I am with her.”

I delivered this message exactly as I was told.  Cindy let out a loud gasp and said, “That is what our mother did for us when we were children to entertain us.” Cindy began to cry because she knew that was a direct message from her mother to let her know that she was still around. 

“I can’t believe what she just told you.” She said quietly.  “There is no way you would know what she had done for us as children.”

Her mother continued and said that Cindy was to go out and buy white violets to remind her that her mother was always with her.  Once again I heard a loud gasp from Cindy.  “Those were my mother’s favorite flowers. This is just blowing my mind.  I cannot believe how much love she has for all of us.  I am going to go out today and find some of those violets and plant them right away.”

Her mother told me how much she loved each one of her children and that she would never be far away.  It was quite clear from her messages that she remembered them as young children and from her perspective in spirit that is what they are. 

As the session ended, Cindy was softly crying, but extremely happy with the direct messages from her mother. 

There are some channeling sessions that I have that leave a deep impression on me.  This is most certainly one of those, and I will always remember the crystal punch bowl. 

Remember your loved ones that pass into spirit are always close to you.  If you desire let me help you establish a Connection for you with your loved ones. 

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie:

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