The Meaning of Memorial Day By Cherokee Billie

May 20, 2024 4 Comments

The Meaning of Memorial Day By Cherokee Billie

This Memorial Day, let's not just flip burgers, let's flip our perspective. It's a time to honor the brave souls who fought for our freedom, not just fire up the grill. Let's raise our flags high and our hearts higher, to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This Memorial Day, let's remember that freedom isn't free, it's been paid for with courage and blood.

In a world where selflessness seems scarce, there are those who embody the true essence of bravery and sacrifice. The individuals who willingly lay down their lives to defend their nation and support others in their fight for freedom are a rare breed indeed. Their unwavering courage, deep-rooted pride, and unshakeable honor set them apart as beacons of hope and inspiration. Let us stand together in gratitude and admiration for these valiant souls who put everything on the line for a cause greater than themselves.

There are rows and rows of white tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery. The freedom wall holds 4,048 gold stars at the World War II memorial. Each gold star represents one hundred American Service personnel who died or remain missing in the war. Many names are etched into the granite at the Vietnam Memorial. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to their souls.

Here’s some ground rules for Memorial Day Weekend.

  • Don’t wish me a Happy Memorial day – there isn’t anything happy about brave men and women dying
  • It’s not a holiday or a sale; it’s a Day of Remembrance
  • You want to know the true meaning, visit your local Cemetery or a VA Hospital, not Disneyland or a mall
  • Don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about; I have carried the burden all too many times for my warriors who now stand their post for God
  • Say a prayer, and then raise a glass and thank God for the men/women who are no longer here

What Memorial Day Means To Me.

I wanted to take a minute and share with everyone the significance of Memorial Day to me.

My father fought in World War Two and his total platoon was killed by the Japanese and he survived because he played dead even though he was shot many times. My father received the Purple Heart, and the Silver Star. I always think of him on Memorial Day.

So this holiday is important to me as I remember what my father went through for me and for others.

I also think of all the young men that I went to school with who went to Vietnam. Some returned and some did not. So many of these young men that I cared for came back broken and did not recover. To top it off they were spat on for serving their country by those who did not support the war. Whether you support the war or not always have respect for those who went into battle to fight for what they believed in and for freedom.

I think of all of the men and women who have lost their lives and sacrificed so much to fight the war on terrorism. We did not ask for this war, but without standing up to terrorists imagine how much more damage could be inflicted on the innocent.

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.” – General George S. Patton

Whatever you do this weekend take time to pause and give thanks for all that you have due to the sacrifice of so many men and women.

Blessings to all who have served and are serving America,
Cherokee Billie

“Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

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May 27, 2023

Well said. THANK YOU.


May 27, 2023

Hi Cherokee Billie,

How true your words are. My father like yours, fought the Japanese, he was in the RAF and was based out in Burma, didn’t come back home to England until 1946, he suffered with Malaria for the rest of his life, I have the photos of his time in Burma. He died in 2007 of Alzheimer’s, a sad ending for someone who suffered much. He is with my daughter and I, looking out for us. Where was your dad based?

God bless them all.



Ray Susani
Ray Susani

May 23, 2020

You are 100% right. It’s about people who paid the ultimate price and still paying the price one way or another


June 04, 2019


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