Cherokee Billie and the Rainbow Bridge Story

May 28, 2024 2 Comments

Cherokee Billie and the Rainbow Bridge Story

I want to share a lovely poem that was written for me by one of the members of my Facebook Pet Parent Grief Support Group, Ralph Poulette.  I was truly honored and I hope this blesses you.

"At the Rainbow Bridge, where souls take flight,
God sought a guide, with a heart full of light.
He called upon Cherokee Billie, with a gentle voice,
"Dear one, I need you, with your animal spirit choice."

Billie answered, with a heart so true,
"I'm here, dear God, to help see this through."
With a wisdom deep, and a love so wide,
She joined God's side, as a spirit guide.

Together they walked, among the animals dear,
Who awaited reunion, with their owners held clear.
Billie shared her knowledge, of the creatures' ways,
And God shared His love, in a gentle, loving gaze.

With a nod of thanks, God acknowledged her grace,
"Cherokee Billie, your heart is a sacred space.
You've helped the animals, and their owners too,
Find peace and reunion, with a love that's true."

Billie smiled, with a heart full of cheer,
"It's my honor, dear God, to be here.
To help the animals, and their loved ones as well,
Find the Rainbow Bridge, where love forever dwells."

God thanked her again, with a love so sincere,
"Cherokee Billie, your spirit is always near.
In the hearts of the animals, and their owners too,
Your love and guidance, will forever shine through."

And so they continued, side by side,
Helping souls reunite, with a love that won't subside.
At the Rainbow Bridge, where love is the key,
Cherokee Billie, and God, welcome you and me."

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June 03, 2024

Your poem is beautiful

Peggy Connor
Peggy Connor

June 01, 2024

I love these posts and the encouragement and comfort I receive each and every time I read them thank you

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